Thursday, September 13, 2007

Makeing shoes....

So I was trying to make a shoe pattern for a card swap I am a part of so I decided to brake out my paper and see if it would work . well I came up with this shoe design. I think it is cute. My cards that I will make will be out of a different paper. Can any one guess what kinda print I will use? I 'll give you a hint I have a few pairs of shoes out of this same pattern. That's what gave me the inspiration. I will have to make what I did today into a scrap book page . I think I have a few Ideas. I just need to take the pix. OK so I am just rambling today . What can I say it's something I do well.

So I do have to tell you something funny that happened the other day . I was not sure if I should take it as a complement or an insult. I was sitting around talking with some good friend and one of them said Geese Jen you'r thighs are the size of a little kids. I said thanks that makes me fill good. She said no I mean that in a good way You just aren't very curvy like the rest of us . I said just keep rubbing it in that I am flat like a pan cake. I guess the grass is always greener on the other side.

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Ter said...

Take it as a compliment...:)

I like your card. You're very talented. I am a scrapper-wannabe, but haven't really learned how yet. I'm a bit of a chicken ~:> that I'll wreck it and waste all the supplies.