Saturday, September 1, 2007

Fun at the State Fair !!!!!

We went to the state Fair today ...

We brought Kadie , Robbie , Garrett and Madeline. (Mylissa Shelly and Ben went a different day.)

It was so much fun we ate we Shopped, we ate we looked we ate we watched shows we ate we road rides we ate and we ate and we ate...
Fair food is so yummy.

So I took a few pix of our day. So I guess I will share them and call it a day .
My feet hurt so bad and I stink like an animal and fried food.

I am going to soak in my grate big jetted tub so I can smell good again.

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Wolf Queen said...

Hannah loved Madie's face paint. I saw that cabbage and all I could think of was "cabbage draconus", do you think the portrait will let me in the Gryffindor tower now?