Monday, September 10, 2007

So who are my secret Blog readers????

So I don't think much when I post on my blog who may be reading. I just assume that my friends and family are reading it. I have had comments from strangers once in a while so I kinda new others were reading my blog too. Well the other day I was reading a friends blog and she told us to read this funny story on her friends Blog so I clicked and read the story and then I decided to check out her blog. I looked to the left of the screen and saw a list of blogs she liked to read. One in particular caught my eye it was called fur and laundry. I thought that is smiler to my title so I clicked on it and hmmm it was my blog. It made me laugh so hard that this person I did not know was reading blog on a regular basis. Then I thought Who else is reading my Blog is my Bishop reading my blog ? is John Erickson reading my blog? LOL (No if he was reading my blog he would comment.) Our my girls from young women reading my blog if they are then thank goodness I haven't mentioned sex yet... Is Beth reading my Blog? Is Lisa reading my Blog? Hmm is Steve reading my Blog I know if Berni Jo is reading my Blog she would never know how to comment. Is Kim reading my Blog? So really who's all reading My blog??? OK so there is my Rant today..

So on the 22ND I am going to a military Ball. I can't wait it will be so much fun . I have not been to one in a while. So I was in need of a dress and I was at my card swap on Saturday a friend of mine asked when I was going to come over and use her serger and put the hem on the skirts I made. I then said oh yea I have to make a dress for this ball can I come over and make it on your serger then my cute friend Dawn popped in to the conversation and asked if I was good at mortifying dresses. I asked her if she need my help with something she said no I have dress that you can have for the ball. I said you do? she said its beautiful its cream and all beaded. I said well I'll come over and look at it. she said oh I'll bring it to church tomorrow. She brought it to Church yesterday and it is beautiful. She was so cute she said who would have thought that some one with no fashion sense would have a dress good enough for the fashion Queen.

So here is the dress what do you think? I am going to make a jacket to go over it. It is very sparkly and bling blingey... But I think I can pull it off.


Ter said...

hehe I am a blog lurker but now I'm coming out of the shadows. I only know about your blog because you found mine! :)

The dress is nice and I look forward to seeing pics when you have it on. Have a nice time at the ball.

Kimberlee said...

I found you link through Ter's blog. So, now I read (and link) to it too.

I am Lotus at SHARE.

shaina said...

Well, I'm no secret blog reader. You know about me. I was thinking of doing a post similar. I, too, have gotten lots of unfamiliar blog posters and it makes me wonder how many people read my blog.
The dress will be fantastic! Go girl!

Ahmed said...

LOVE the dress it is just what you were looking for. The secret at work again

April said...

HI Jen, I saw you commented on Shania’s blog so I thought I would see what was going on with you in Alaska. I'm not very good at making comments but I love to read and hear how you are doing. Your Family is beautiful and of course you are your Fabulous self! I guess I'm not a secret reader anymore.

April Rothman

Wolf Queen said...

Love the dress, can't wait to see what you come with for a jacket. I suddenly without warning found out Monday that I'll be going to our Air Force Ball this coming Saturday! My friend has a dress for me, I finagled a hair appointment, I just gotta go get that all important lycra body skimmer that is a big girl's best friend. ;)