Thursday, September 6, 2007

MoM take a picture of my Bum!!!

So little Ben yelled at me from the living room . This is how the conversation went.

Ben: Mom Mom come quick there is something on my Bum.

Mom: there is something on your Bum.

Ben: ya come quick and take a picture.

Mom: I don't see any thing on your bum

Ben: mom you are silly cant you see spider mans on my Bum

Mom: Oh you are wearing underwear like a big boy so are you going to potty train today?

Ben: No you silly momma I no like to poppy and pee on the toilet.

mom: I then said why do you have your underwear on .

Ben: so you can take a picture of my Bum!!

You have to love 3 year olds .

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Terri said...

Hi Jen! I'm glad you found me (how did you find me? LOL) I look forward to being blog buddies! :)

p.s. the bum story is funny! :) You'll have to remind him about it when he's a teenager...;)