Friday, September 7, 2007

I cant believe it is Friday!!

Can you believe it is already the week end. Time just keeps flying by.

So I have been having a fashion crises it seems like I have nothing to wear. ( Yeah right)

I know that's what every ones thinking. Hey I still fill that way . I keep having to look at the depths of my closet and fined more and more ways to put outfits together. I am finding things I have never worn or forgot that I had . I guess that could be good . I just miss going to Ross and finding great deals on the latest trendiest fashions , and not paying alot .

Well my sweet friend Kristy the other day was warring a cute jacket I asked her if it was new because I had been looking for one just like it . She said she had gotten it Costco a week or so a go. She said she wished she had gotten it smaller because she loved it so much and she is loosing weight. so kept thinking all day yesterday that I should go to Costco to and get one before they are gone . The problem is that Costco is a hour a way and its not like I can just hop in the car and go. Later in the day she stops by with the jacket and said she picked me one up when she was in town because she new I wanted it and they were on clearance and only had a few left .

I was so happy . I am so grateful for good friends . So I included a pic of me in my new Jacket . So what do you think?


shaina said...

I have a purple jacket that looks almost the same. Mine has a little tie on the front but that's the only difference.
What a nice friend!
I may just have to go to Ross for you.

Jen Sue Wild said...

Rub it in you Brat. LOL unless you mean I can send you money and you can pick me out some cute shirts for me.
If you mean shopping for your self Your a big big Brat!!!!

shaina said...

oh dear friend. I am a brat. But I will totally shop for you. You tell me what you want. I'll find the xx smallest I can find and ship it to the wild alaskan wilderness.
By the way, George and kamy still wear their bracelets. Makes me think of you everyday!

Terri said...

well, now, aren't you stylish? ;)