Friday, September 21, 2007

Where is my fairy godmother???

Tomorrow is the ball and last night I decided to try the jacket on with the dress.

I love the dress I love the jacket I just don't love them together. Plus I still have no shoes.

So I am in a little bit of a panic.

Kadie told me to ware her prom dress ... No I don't think so sweet offer tho. I think I may have some shoes lined up from one of Kadies friend. I hate living where there is no shopping.

As someone once said it's the girl that makes the dress not the dress that makes the girl. right? So with my wonderful great looks I will be able to pull it off. (OK so wishful thinking.)

So after i stop twiddling my thumbs and i get off the computer I will try to make a new jacket first I need to go to Jo~Ann's..


Anonymous said...

Hey Jen, what if you look about (call friends, etc) our lovely valley for something "ready to wear" over your dress. You may have to "bling" it up Jennifer style - but I TOTALLY know you can do that! You're a pretty talented beader!

Ter said...

you're definately multitalented there Jen! :)

shaina said...

You can find something! You will look fabulous!! Good luck. Can't wait to see what you come up with.