Thursday, February 24, 2011

10 thing about Madeline

1. Today is Madeline's 10th Birthday!
2. Madeline's nick name is cat.  My best friends husband sings to her his special rendition of Tom Jones pussy cat.
Every time he sees her he sings whats up Maddy cat. It is so sweet and melts my heart.
3. Madeline Irean was named after my Grandma Madeline and Her middle name is from Dales Grandmother.
My grandmother Madeline was very strong willed and full of life. Dales grandmother was quite and gentle and sweet but had some spunk to her.
Anyone that knows Madeline know she has all those traits but the quite one.
4. Madeline is a total fashion diva {I am not sure where she gets that from}
5. Madeline is the 4th girl and 6th child in our family.
6. Madeline has broke her collar bone twice once at birth (not only did she break her collar bone but she broke my pelvic bone) and once when she was 14 months , she tripped into a stair.
7. Madeline has the most beautiful head of hair, today she is being generous and donation 13 inches of to locks of love.
8. Madeline has the heart of a saint, she may be a diva but she loves to help and serve others. She is always worried about her friends who have less than her. She always ask to bring extra food to school in case some one for got there lunch.
When she out grows her nice clothes and shoes she asks if she can donate them to friends or a charity.
I really love this quality in her.
9. Madeline Loves her family, she hates that her older sisters have moved out and she always wants us to be together.
When she was a newborn in the hospital she cried non stop. I never had a baby cry this much and new I was in for it. Then her bothers and sisters came and she let out this loud sigh and started cooing. You could tell she was happy to see her siblings. Then they left and she cried and cried again.
When we got home from the hospital and walked into the house she did the same thing she sighed and stopped crying when she heard all her brothers and sisters.
She never really cried again she was a wonderful and happy baby.
She just wanted to be around her family.
10. Madeline is my princes girl and one day when she is older I know we will be best friends, when she was 3 days old I had a dream that we were in heaven. We were sitting back to back on a rock by a river we had our pinkies entwined and she made me promise to make sure she got to earth if her family forgot there promise.
 I told her I would and that we would always be best friends.
We have always had a super close relationship.
I love her dearly and she brings much joy and laughter to our home.

Happy birthday Maddy Cat!

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Erin Terry said...

Oh my goodness. You made me cry. What a sweet mama you are. And what a darling daughter.