Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Hair woes!

I went to get my hair trimmed to day and ended up getting more cut off than I wanted too.
My hair for the last 3 years has been cut in a fun A line style where the back of my hair is shorter than my front.
I decided to grow it out a while a go and I have been doing really well.
Normally at this point I cut it all off.
I had it 3 inches past my chin in the front and was so happy i could actually put it in a small ponytail.
When I went in to day we discussed how I wanted it to look and decided that I had to cut the front as short as the back.
I wanted to cry and say no, but new I had to do this to get the look I eventually want.

It's cute and sassy and I can now see the wisdom of my hairdresser advise.
I keep reminding my self by summer it will be more than long enough to ponytail.
I just got to keep growing it and soon I will have long pretty hair again.

1 comment:

Nancy said...

I love it! I just had my long hair cut off and I want to get more chopped off.