Monday, February 14, 2011

21 reasons why I love my Valentine!

1. He spoils me!
2. After 21 years of marriage his smile still melts my heart!
3. I love the way he loves our children.
4. He gives the best hug!
5. He know what makes me happy!
6. I feel safe in his arms.
7. He works hard so he can spoil our family.
8. He loves me for who I am
9. He goes on Chocolate run when I am craving it at midnight and always brings the expensive chocolate I like.
10. He loves to give me flowers.
11. He always smells good.
12.He encourages me to have girls nights out.
13. He still thinks I am the most stunning women in the world.
14 He likes to get pedicures and manicures with me.
15. He is not afraid to cry.
16. He looks amazing with a baby in his arms especially our own , and I have no doubt he will look amazing holding our grand-babies when they come..
17. He indulged my shoe fetish.
18. He still stares at me like he did when we were in high school.
19. even tho he hates it he will watch chic flicks with me because he know I like cuddling with him.
20. He always holds me until I fall asleep.
21. He married me on Valentine's day The most romantical day of the year!

Happy Valentines Anniversary Dale!1


shaina said...

Happy Anniversary you two love birds!
After you move here, when Dale is on a chocolate run, make sure he drops some by our house too!

Sherryl said...

I must say those are all great reasons, and here's wishing the reason continue and continue to grow. Happy Valentine's Day! to your and your's.