Wednesday, February 23, 2011

365 Days {Day 52 }

{Bad to the bone}
Apparently there was a staff email sent out to the middle school stating that I Jennifer Wilderness was suspended for 2 days.
I apparently was rude to a substitute, was disruptive during an assembly and tried to start a food fight.
I guess I am just bad to the bone.
{ Obviously I did not do these things, but my son did for some there was a mess up and my name instead of his was put on the email a the suspended student but later corrected.}
When I posted this status's on face book all my Jr high friends got a kick out of it because they could totally have seen me doing all these thing.
We just wont tell my husband where Garrett gets his true badness from.

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shaina said...

Ah, not even enrolled, and you get in trouble. Wild Jenn!