Tuesday, February 22, 2011

How do discipline your child according to a 3 year old.

My wonderful son Garret got suspended to day for naughty behavior.
I was a little irritated when I was on my way to get him.
Little Miss M the 3 year old said" Mrs. Jenn why are we getting Garrett?"
I said because" Garrett was naughty?"
M: Mrs. Jenn you need to spank him when I am naughty I get spakens all the time"
Me: Ok M I think he needs talked too.
M: Tell him he was naughty but you still love him.
Me Ok M.
We got to the school I picked up Garrett.
We got into the car.
M: said Garrett don't you think you should tell Mrs. Jenn something?
Garrett: I don't know
M: Tell her that you love her and that your sorry.
Garrett: Sorry.
M. And you love her
Garrett: I love you.

There you go.


Jane's In The Jungle said...

ROFL...I love that!! Especially how well he followed directions!

Paula said...

3 year olds seem to have a lot of wisdom! Maybe we should all listen to them a little more ~ lol!