Saturday, August 30, 2008

Great Date but I ended up being poisoned.

Last night Dale and I had a great date. We drove in to anchorage and went to the Temple for a few hours and then ended up at Joannes super store. Dale is so sweet to bring me there on our date nights. We then Drove over to Red Robins and ate there famous yummy hamburgers. We came back into town and went to Fred Meyers to look at there yummy desserts. That when it happened. I started to fill a little sick. My tummy was getting a little rumble and my head started hurting. I thought nothing of it on our drive back to our house I started to feel a little worse. We came home and laid down . I told Dale that I was not feeling to well so disappointingly he turned on the TV as we laid there I started to feel worse. I guess I fell asleep for a while and then my tummy started rumbling and Dale asked me if I wanted Tums Pepito or any thing I said no I will be fine. Then boom I new I was going to be sick. I ran to the bath room and lost my dinner. Dale was so sweet he was stroking my hair and brought me water to rinse my mouth out. I then went back to bed were I fell into a fitful sleep. I was lucky that I did not get any sicker. I just woke up week and with a very bad Headache and very Dehydrated. YUck.

We are pretty sure it was the hamburger I ate we are just grateful I only ate half of it..

I had so many things planed today that have to be put on hold until Monday and that sucks cuz I really wanted to re-paint my hallway today so I can start putting up my fall decorations. Maybe later on i will fill better.


crystal wolf said...

I'm sorry your date night got ruined. I hope you are up to snuff by Monday.

Ter said...

feel better, my friend!

Ande said...

NO fun. I had food poisoning when I was pregnant with Hazel, I had to go to the hospital to have them help me stop throwing up. I had been going for a few hours, so you are lucky it didn't last that long. Hope that you are feeling better.

I'm Always Rite said...

Food poisoning stinks! I'm glad you weren't sicker than you were. :] Hope you're getting the rest you need to get all better. :)

Sounds like it was a fun date night besides the poisoning. :}

CathyJean said...

oh, yuk! That wasn't a good ending to what sounded like a very nice special time with your hubby.
Take care and get better soon!

Karen & Matt said...

I'm so sorry that you got sick! No fun. =( I've never had food poisoning before, and I hope I never do. I'm glad that you didn't get sicker than you were.

val said...

You know it always sucks when you PAY good money to get poisoned! I hate that. What an awful way to end a date! I hope you are feeling much better today...take it easy.

Shea said...

NO WAY! I was poisoned at Red Robin in Fort Collins, CO back in the early 90's!LOL! I could tell my hamburger was a little red but I went for it anyway and paid dearly later.