Thursday, August 28, 2008

Jennifer Needs......

I took this from my friends Shania's Blog All you do is go to Google and Type in the word {Jennifer Needs} It is Hilarious what comes up here are my 5 favorites..

1. Jennifer needs: to be in a metal facility ( How did they know?)

2. Jennifer needs: A smack daddy ( still not sure what that means but is was # 2 and 3 LOL)

3. Jennifer needs: Mortician (Akke am I dead and nobody told me or do I look like the walking dead)

4. Jennifer needs: to give birth next week. ( Wow wasent even aware I was pregnant)

5. Jennifer Needs :to shave ( done I did it last night)

You all should give it a try if you do let me know I would love to see your responses.

So I will leave you all today with a fun little LO I did. I just love this pic of my oldest and my youngest. It is so sweet to see them like this. They love each other so much.There will be more to come I have been buying so much fun papers and embellishments lately I have some fun projects in the works.


Ande said...

O.K., I love all the aprons, especailly the halloween one. Looks like the fair was fun. I just read Shaina's needs, but I think yours were a little cookier. (is that a word?) I guess I should try it and see.

Karen & Matt said...

Wow that was a fast pregnancy Jen!!! LOL aren't you lucky?! LOL I loved your needs they were great, and I love that Layout with ben and Kadie. =) I still need to do my needs, so we will see!

Jen said...

The answers are hilarious! I will have to go try this. Jenn, (okay do you prefer one "n" or two? I've seen it both ways. lol)the layout of the kids is wonderful. That picture is just so touching. My oldest and youngest are really close too.

Sarah C. said...

That layout is gorgeous! Love the lace trim. :)

Ok, I tried the Google thing and mine came up with several, um, racy topics.

Staci said...

Heheha, those are hysterical, I need to try that! Love that gorgeous layout - I remember when you posted that sweet pic!!