Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The giant tower..

Ben woke me up Sunday morning all giggles and excitement.
"Mom mom you have to see this."
"Oh ya bring your camera mom!!"
So I slowly went into the living room to see the almost 10 foot tower as Ben called they built.
I was surprised that they got it that high considering the tallest one of them is 5'6.
I quickly snapped a shot right before
came tumbling
The best part about this giant tower is when they made it nobody was fighting.
How would I know you might ask?
 Because I wasn't woken up by Madeline screaming Garrett stop it which is my normal every morning wake up call.
Ben waking me up with excitement and knowing that Garrett and Maddie worked together happily was a priceless moment in the Wilderness house.


Rhonda said...

Great pic and blessed moment!!!

Diane said...


and super cool you werent woken up by bickering. trinity is not a very nice waker-upper on the weekends and it always starts my day off rough...