Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Snow fun!!

It is snow break spring break this week in Alaska.
The kids are having fun making snow angels
Snow cave building.
Goofing around
Shoveling the neighbors driveways
They are having so much fun that they don't want to come in to eat there lunch.
And for me I am just taking pictures
Tomorrow is the first day my legs get pretty again .
I am getting my varicose lasered, and scolaro therapy done.
I am so excited.
Wish me luck!


Erin Terry said...

Wow look at all that snow! We just moved to Las Vegas so I dont think we'll be seeing any of that for a long time. Good luck with your surgery tomorrow! Hope your doctor isn't a pervert this time :)

Rhonda said...

Great luck at your appointment! Good grief....all that snow....we just had a 65 degree day here in central Texas with the sun shining brightly......I was so happy!

Holmes Home said...

Good luck with your procedure! I'll have to get more info on that too! (my veins are the one mark my kids seemed to leave on me during pregnancy)

Gamma Sharon said...

It was a beautiful sunny day in the 50's yesterday and then we woke up to at least 5 inches of snow this morning. And it is still snowing! It is so beautiful! Praying everything goes well with your surgery tomorrow.
Love ya, Sharon

Nicole said...

I'm so glad I dont live there....I'm so sick of snow I could puke. But it looks like you all are enjoying it!!!

Good luck tomorrow. Stop by to enter my giveaway, it starts today and goes thru friday.

wyomingstamper said...

Now thats winter, of course you know that being in Alaska, thats what winter is about, cold and snow.
Luv Ya
Pa W