Wednesday, March 3, 2010

A hard moment

Last night I went to my sons choir concert.
I was having a really good time listening to music they had selected. I was really impressed by there choices.
I was impressed by the choir directors love for his job, you could just tell the kids were having a good time.
At the half way point the choir director announced the next song.
Homeward bound, I almost crawled out of my skin.
I wanted to run out of the Gym so bad.
I new there was no way I could listen to that song with out falling apart.
This was the song sung at Williams funeral.
Not wanting to make a fool of my self I just sat and cried.
It was a good emotional cry.
When the concert was over I asked Robbie how he felt singing homeward bound he looked at me funny and said good why.
I said do you realise this song was sung at Williams funeral.
He just smiled and said no I was too young but when ever I sing the song my thoughts always turn to him.

I am going to leave you with a youtube vidio of the song.


Tulsi said...

I totally understand. I can't stay and sing "If I could Hie to Kolob" (SP errors?) in church for similar reasons. I LOVE the song, but have a difficult time hearing it and can't sing it. I try to discretely leave for a few if I see it in the program.

shaina said...

I'm glad you could sit and listen to that song again, and that his choir did such a good job singing it.
Lots of love.

Turtles In North Dakota said...

now I am going to get the klenex...(((hugs))))

1 Funky Woman said...

Hi, I just found you and I am sitting here teary eyed from listening to this song. It is really beautiful. I am sorry about your loss. But how fitting for your son to sing it and have him think of his brother, so sweet!