Thursday, March 18, 2010

Trifle yumminess..

Now doesn't this just look sinful?
Do you want to know how to make it?
Here we go
Your favorite white, Yellow, or lemon cake premade
2 instant pudding mix
2 (1lb) frozen berries thawed (I used blueberries)
1/3 of a cup of orange juice
1lb of cream cheese room temp
1 small jar of marshmallow fluff
1Teaspoon of vanilla
1teaspoon of lemon juice.

1st make pudding mix according to package let sit while you put the berries in a bowel adding the orange juice.
set a side and make the topping
combine the cream cheese vanilla and lemon juice in a mixer and mix for 3 minutes on medium
Now cube the cake.

Ok here is where the fun begins it's time to assemble.
I first add the berry mix to the bottom of my trifle dish, (if you don't have a trifle dish use a clear glass bowel or what ever you have.)
Then add some cake then the pudding until you have reached the top of the dish.
Now all you have to do is spread the cream cheese mixture.
Then walla you have a beautiful yummy trifle.


Kelley said...

ymu-o! I think there is just a bit of drool on my keyboard now, that-you-very-much!

Thanks for sharing!

Jessica Hills said...

YUM!! I want some of that right now! Thanks so much for posting this on Favorite Things Friday! I am going to feature you next week so good job on making something delicious!

Lisa said...

I LOVE trifle!! That's got a couple of things in it that my recipe doesn't. I think I'll try that one! Thanks for sharing.

Mama Thompson said... I just need a pretty dish:) Thanks for sharing!

Jennifer Juniper said...

It really looks delicious and so pretty to take to a party!

Andy Porter said...

That looks evil, in a good way! I love it when you link to Creative Cats!! I'm a little slow making my way around to the links this week:) I will be making this...and eating it all by myself after the kids are in bed. Lol.


kanishk said...

I LOVE trifle!
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