Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A new Camera

I have been wanting a SLR for years.
I wanted a professional grade Nikon like the D3 or the D 90 so I kept putting of getting one until I could come up with cash.
The other day i was on line and i was reading the reviews on the D 3000 and thought maybe this was not a bad SLR to start out with after all it is a starter camera.
So Saturday I bit the bullet and bought it.
I was a little sad at first that I did not get the camera of my dreams but once I opened it up and started playing with it I realized how comfortable I was using it. It didn't make me nerves it was easy to use and not at all complicated.
Here is the first pic I took with it the whole reason I wanted a SLR so I could get amazing pix of the moon.
I was so sad when I saw that it looked just like a shot from my point and shoot.
Kadie my lovely daughter who has taken tons of photography classes explained to me that I had to use the right shutter speed and lens and do all these other things.
I thought oh I have a lot to learn.

Today I decide to take the camera out again to try and capture great cloud shots.
So with some of the skills Kadie taught me.
I got this great shot.
I then tried take a picture of my feet with out showing and background.
I have no clue what the technique is called .
But I do know it's time for a pedicure..
I cant wait to take more pix and get to know my camera better.
If any body has any photography advice I am all ears and eager to learn.


Sassypants Wifey said...

I have been eyeing a new DSLR also! I have lots to learn, it has been a long while since I took photography in high school, pre digital days, lol. Look forward to seeing all your new shots!

Ann Marie said...

Yay for a new camera!
I need a new one also.. but struggle with buying it new -- because I have just figured out how to handle my old one! Crazy..

Thanks for the reminder that my toes need some love too. ( At least yours are painted.. )

Hope your having a good day!

Anonymous said...

I wish I had the patience to learn a new camera!!! I'm still using my sure-shot! LOL!

Oh--that photo technique, it's called "bokeh". (I think it's pronouced bouquet....not sure though!). There are many online contests featuring that technique....so practice away--and maybe we'll see you win some awards!!!

gigi said...

I got the D-90 in Dec. and I LOVE it!!!!! You will love your camera so much, use it and use it every day :)