Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Just sat NO to Drugs!

I have never really ever taken any Narcotics before.
Today I had to take Valium before my laser surgery on my legs.
Evidently it made my very silly.
My husband and daughter wished they had the video camera I guess I was that good.
Every thing went well my leg is super sore and I have to go back tomorrow to do my other leg and get a peek at what my left leg looks like.
Wish me luck for tomarrow.


Ann Marie said...

For the most part I will say No to drugs unless I am having a baby.. or in extreme physical pain.. then otherwise.. bring it on!!

Let me know how the lazer thing goes.. I would LOVE to do my arm pits and legs.


The Country Club Kat said...

I had my legs done about 10 years ago. They called it vein stripping then; make incisions, cauterized and pulled them out. All I have are tiny little scars that only I can see. It was so worth doing.