Sunday, March 21, 2010

Wicked Good!!

When we got home from church today I asked Ben what he had learned With a big grin he replied my teacher said I was Wicked!.
I said what teacher said you were wicked he said sister N.. I was lost for a moment because i new she would never tell Ben he was wicked!
I inquired further and said why did she call you wicked.
He then replied I did a cool trick and she said "Ben that was wicked good!
I was very relived that he was wicked good and not wicked bad.
He then asked "can I go outside so you can take some wicked good shots of me on my skate board so you can put them on your blog".
So here you have them Ben and his wicked good skateboarding shots.

Note how truly wicked his outfit is.

He he begins in between the cars.
Skating past me.
Stopping before he hits the ice.
Now he's picking up his skate board to do it all over again..

There you have it folks Ben and his Wicked Good skateboarding skills.
Now count how many times I have written wicked in this post and let me know in my comments LOL
Have wicked Sunday afternoon.


Cherie said...

I love that term "Wicked Good" but I could see how you might have wondered - Ha Ha.
I can see that Ben definately has some Wicked Good skills there :D
I also love that he wanted you to put them on your blog - so cute :D

Karen said...

I love the wicked word used with good, makes my heart sing that it wasn't wicked bad all 13 times I think you used it! Too many for an old lady to count. LOL Tell Ben he did Wicked Good!!

Devri said...

Sorry It is too early in dah morning for me to count, but trust me you said it enough lol jokes.. what a cute boy! love the style~

Turtles In North Dakota said...

ahahahahah How adorable is this! Wicked adorable!! I can tell you from one skateboarding mom to another it just gets wicked better!

kanishk said...

I also love that he wanted you to put them on your blog - so cute
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