Saturday, July 26, 2008

Hula hooping in the rain...

Madie hooping

Robbie hooping

Garrett hooping

Benny helping momma hooping.


shaina said...

Let me see some hip action!!
Hope the rain clears up for you. It just seems wrong to be wearing a jacket in July.

Beth said...

My little family loves to play in the rain too. It is one of my favorite smells so I love to stand in it.

Ter said...

you even hula hoop in heels.

(say that really fast 3 times! hula hoop in heels hula hoop in heels hula hoop in heels!) (I could barely type that fast 3 times! LOL!)

toners said...

Awesome photos! Hula hoops bring back great memories for me :)