Thursday, January 7, 2010

A good giggle at my expense..

Auntie Kate The Resale Expert busted me on my spelling.
She used a post I had written 1 years a go as an example why it is important to check your spelling
The post was about my goals for the new year.
Here is a link to the ORGINAL post
One of the goals was to celebrate me!!
Great goal right!
That's if that's what I had written instead I wrote my Goal is to CELABATE me..
one letter forgotten and it's a different word with a completely different meaning.
I remember that post fondly because I had no clue of my mistake until my friend Donna pointed out my mistake and commented that she did not think Dale would care to much for my goal choice..
I really could not stop laughing once I read what I had written.
So lesson learned.. I would love to say I will never make that mistake again but you all know I will.


Diane said...

OOPS! lol poor Dale! that would have been a shocker, huh? especially after already having a gaggle of kids!! lol

i had a bad typo once in the title of a post - it was supposed to say TWINKLE, but instead i'd typed TINKLE lol! it was there for a day before i noticed it. ah well... we're never going to be perfect are we? :)

ter@waaoms said...

lol jen it's even funnier with the rest of the paragraph... that you're going to discover and learn to like all your parts. lol....too funny. Well, I hope you enjoyed your year of self-discovery. lol ;)

I think it's great that you can poke fun of yourself... You don't let your learning disability (Dyslexia) get in the way of being your true self. You go girl!

Jennifer Juniper said...

Whoops! That has an ENTIRELY different meaning!

Ande said...

No, i don't know that you could do that either. Dale wouldn't like it. Typos are easy to do, but hey, it happens. Love you

Jane In The Jungle said...

Oh that is good......if you were gonna make a typo at least you made it a good one, LOL

Ann Marie said...

Very much something that would happen to me.. and spell check doesn't catch it.. because it's a real word! ha-ha..

In transition said...


That post STILL CRACKS ME UPPPPPP!!!!! I love you guys, Happy New Year to you all! Hugs!