Monday, January 4, 2010

Patches the Bear and his healing heart.

A few moths a go Ter over at With an angel on my shoulder started a program on her blog where she sent patches to women who suffered  pregnancy or infant loss. Her goal was to bring joy and happiness to those who has suffered such a loss.
Ter and her husband Brian suffered such a loss 4 years ago with there baby girl Talya or baby bear.
Ter had some heath issues and Tyla was born still.
The loss was very hard for Ter I remember reading her early post of her loss on SHARE boards a support group for women suffering infant and pregnancy loss thats where I met Ter.
I remember how painful it was for Ter, I also remember the love and support her DH Brian gave to her.
Brian believed in helping women with such loss as well.
Unfortunately Brian lost his fight with cancer a year ago.
Ter again was faced with loss and despair there was so many times my heart just ached as she vented with heart ache and pain on her blog.
I watched as Ter picked her self up and do something positive again after a great loss.
I really don't know how she dose it but I am so glad she continues to live and bring joy to others.

I was lucky enough to get patches in early November. When I first got here I was very excited. I new she would bring love and joy to others.
I loved her for a while and then sent her on her way to her new home.
I then went on with my everyday life.
I did not give patches to much thought other than hoping she was bringing the momma of her new home love.
Then late December I get an email from the momma of the new home she was to go to sending me her address. My heart sunk as I realised patches was not there. I went threw all my recipes and tracking numbers from the post office. I could not find the address of the momma I sent it any where.
My first thought was how the heck was I going to tell Ter that I lost patches. I prayed for a miracle.
On the anniversary of Williams death I went to the post office hopping to find patches.
Here is what happened
From the Email I sent Ter

There was a small hitch with patches that i did not know about until Emily email me a few days a go I thought she was safe and sound there with Emily.

I did not want to tell you until after I found out what was going on.. I went and made a fool of my self at the post office brought in 10 receipts made them scan them all looking for the one that had patches on it. They couldn't find it. I sat and cried they were even sweet and went in the back and looked at all the lost boxes ( the ones with out correct address or no return address, or torn off address. I am happy to say I did find the missing apron package that went out the same day as patches. but no patches. Then a miracle happened and the post master came in and heard my dilemma and told me a story about his wife loosing a package she went through some of the same process as me and then 2 months later when she was cleaning out her car she found the small box wedged under her passenger seat just out of sight. My heart fluttered and I ran out to my car just knowing that's where it would be . Nope it wasn't in the front. I was about to bust into tears again when the post master said lets see if it slid the back. doubtful I looked any ways. and yes that's where patches was. Needless to say I was a bit embarrassed but relived.. The miracle of this is it happened Yesterday on Williams angel day. I reopened the box held tight on to patches and felt so much love not just from patches but strangely enough from you, Talya and Brian.. I felt all your spirits as if they were all intertwined. It was strange because I do have the gift of feeling spirits after they are dead or before they are born and I can since the good intentions of others but your not dead so it was strange. but i know it was you that I felt.. So it leads me to think that your spirit is some how entwined in patches you gave a little of your heart to here in return giving a little of your heart to all of us..

Ter replied that she had know patches was missing and that she prayed for the first time in a long time that patches would be found..
I believe that there was a miracle when I found patches.
Ters prayers were answered and I got some extra love from patches that I needed on my very hard day.
I believe with all my heart that Brian , tyla, and Ter's love is entwined in patches heart just waiting to heal the hearts of other moms.
Thanks Ter for being such a good friend and doing such a wonderful things for others.


ter@waaoms said...

Hi Jen,

I'm glad Patches healed your heart a little bit.. :)

Btw, the link didn't work on your post, so anyone who wants to have a visit from patches can find more information on my blog

Jen Sue Wild said...

I fixed the link..

Diane said...

i love this story!

Yarni Gras! said...

what a great post and a beautiful idea.

Anonymous said...

I love Ter, and I love that Bear!!!!!! So glad he was able to patch up your heart a bit too.

JDaniel4's Mom said...

What an amazing idea! I am glad things worked out. Stopping by from SITS!