Sunday, January 10, 2010

A scarf and it's story!!

Don't you love a good crafting story..
2 weeks a go my friend shared a scarf she made for her sister on her blog.
I fell in love with it and hinted that I would like the pattern or she could just make me one.
Well she is a busy momma with a new baby and I doubt she would have time to make me one.
So I looked one line for a similar tutorial and found this one at Oh so happy
So I bought some elastic thread and went on the hunt for the perfect I am still looking by the way.
In the mean time Monday I shared my fringed scarf tutorial.
I had a few blog readers send me tutorials of scarfs that they had made and thought I might like them too.
One of the tutorials was a Scrunchy scarf found at Hope studio .
After looking up her tutorial I fell in love with it and went and bought the knit fabric that I would need.
I then went back and read how she had gotten the idea from Oh so Happy's tutorial while I was making my scarf.
I read the instructions finished the scarf and loved it except for the fact that the white elastic was showing on the back.
I came up with a way to fix the back from showing but I ran out of elastic thread half way into the idea.
So I came up with plan B.

Once I finished it I totally fell in love..
I put the scarf on and realized it looked very familiar..
It was very similar to the one my friend had made..
Tomorrow I will make the tutorial on how I made this and tuesday I will share it..

I just wand to end this post by thanking all the talented women how share such wonderful ideas and tutorials on there blogs..
They really make life fun for me!!


ter@waaoms said...


shaina said...

You did exactly what I did. I found the tutorial at Hope Studios...didn't like that the elastic showed on the back...made two...put right sides together...flipped it out and viola!! A ruffle scarf with no elastic showing!!
Sorry I didn't get you the tutorial before. You should have nudged me a bit!! I would totally have linked you to it.
Love ya.

PS: When explaining the tutorial, make sure to really reinforce the elastic when you start and stop sewing. If not, it will come undone and your scarf will not be bunched up. This happened to me after a scarf was already done. boohoo.

Small House said...

I LOVE scarfs. Wear them ALL the time. I'm making this for SURE!! I made a scarf last year, and posted the tutorial on my blog. Got the idea from Rue 21. THANKS for sharing!!!! the aprons to.

The Dean Family said...

Love the idea of making two ruffled scarves and sewing them together. I obsess over silly details like elastic thread showing. Silly me! Did you wind your bobbin by hand? I see on Hope's toot she recommends doing so. Any tricks of the trade you learned while making your scarf?

gigi said...

Very cute! I love it too :)

Kelly O. said...

that looks fantastic!
I was just going to start that scarf but I think I'll wait and see what you've got up your sleeve first ;)

Mama Nana said...

Wish I had one!!! In leopard print....wink wink.....a Scarf instead of an apron would work;)