Thursday, January 14, 2010

My kids are such goofs!!

I was looking through my pictures and cleaning out the duds when I really started too look at the pix.
Some of the looks on my kids faces make laugh so hard!!

I love this one of my daughter Kadie I think this is the one all her dates need to see.

I told the kids the could act silly in this shot!
I guess Shelly the one in the middle gave us her silliest look she could muster.

Now what 5 year old doesn't want to sit on Santa's lap?
My Benny he was acting like I said Santa was going to give him a shot.
I could show you a million more..


Anonymous said...

Don't get rid of the dud pics them for the kids. One day one of them may want them..or they may need to share. It would be cool for them to look back on all the good ol' days when they get older. My sis in law gets double prints of everything and she was going to pitch the ones the grammaws and aunts and such didn't want ....but, I told her to put them in an album for her daughter so one day she could have a set of her own...course that was back when you had hard copies of pictures. :)

ter@waaoms said...

These are "real life" photos.... not everyone stands stiffly with a smile plastered on their face at all times! If nothing else, these "goof" pics show how much fun your family has! It'll be great memories for your kids when they grow up.

Nicole said...


I think Santa is just really intimidating for some kids. Oh well, you got to see him right?

Yarni Gras! said...

so sweet!