Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The wind is crazy here!!!

I cant believe how bad the winds have been for the last 3 days 80 miles plus..
Many times during the night I thought I would wake up in munchkin land with our house landing on the wicked witch of the east.
Yesterday my 8 year old was walking home from her friends house and was knocked down by the wind a dragged down the road, here pants here torn and she had road rash on her hip.. I felt so bad for here.
I thought for sure I would get a phone call this morning saying school was canceled. Nope no such luck just a call saying some buses are running late because of wind damage..
I drove the little kids to school today because I was too worried about them getting hurt trying to get too the bus stop just 2 houses over.
I dropped Ben off at his school right at the front doors that have a covering he got in no problem.
I drove next door to Garrett's and Maddie's school There was 6 adult men in full snow /wind gear barley able to stand because the wind was wiping them so badly, they where there  to escort the kids in the building I was so grateful they did because a big gust of wind blew right as Madie got out of the car and blew her right over. The teacher just scooped her up gave me thumbs up singh that she was ok and carried her to the front door.
I tell you it just plain crazy in any other part of the world this would be a tropical storm or tornado like winds .
As I am reminded often remember you live in Alaska.

Do to lack to bad pictures and lack of sunlight yesterday I will be posting my scarf tutorial later on to day when there is good light or I should say daylight at all.


ter@waaoms said...

I always laugh at the southerners who cancel school for half an inch of snow. lol

but yup we northerners are tough!!

Yarni Gras! said...

wow....I knew about cold and snow...but never really thought about wind....I'm glad everyone is okay though!