Saturday, January 30, 2010

Much better...

Yesterday and today have been super busy days..
I have bee,n shopping cleaning, hanging out with friends, teaching them how to blog, face book, make aprons, giving fashion advice  and eating good yummy food.
Not a bad life if you ask me..
Yesterday while shopping I found 4 new pairs of shoes, 2 flats and 2 sexy pair of heels.
I think I can live with these flats much better than the other pair I bought.

Now how fun are these leopard print flats with cute patten leather bows..
I think these may be my new favorite running to Fred Myers shoes..

These ballet flats aren't half bad either they even have a slight raised heel.
There not stilletos but they will be at least stylish for walking around Disneyland..

Tomarrow I will be showing off the new purse I made the other day it is sew super cute..


The Country Club Kat said...

Love the toe cleavage - lol

shaina said...

The babydoll flats are more my style. I love them!!

Elise said...

Love these both way better than the first pair. The leopard print ones are sexy. Perfect shoes for your trip.