Monday, January 25, 2010

sensible shoes..

Really mean ugly shoes..
I know I am going to get a lot of flack for this one but come on cant they make a cute shoe that has decent support for walking.
I looked for hours on Saturday for a sensible cute walking shoe I tried many on and no luck.
I just could not buy them they were all just way to ugly.
I finally just got these flats

They don't have much support but they are better than me heels for walking around Disneyland.
I also found a cute pair of  flat sandals hopefully these will work.
I don't even remember what shoes I wore the last time I think I just had on flip flops, but I did not do a ton of walking and I was 7 and a half month pregnant.
I still think I will bring my heels and wear them part of the time.


ter@waaoms said...


with your creativeness I'm sure you could cutesy up a pair of runners or other shoe that has great support. Try it! I bet you'll succeed in making an A-DOR-A-BLE sneaker for adults! (at least, for Fashionable Jen!)

Tulsi said...

People think I am so strange because I don't like 'sensible' shoes. I wear them out of necessity when I have to, but prefer the cute non sensible ones. I think it was Sherri Dew (sp?) that said if you want to wear your cutest pair of high heeled shoes to the grocery store, do it. I had my permission!! It's not all that great for loading groceries to the car, though. I'm pretty much the only one in the ward that doesn't wear sensible shoes. Our median age is 25. We have a hard, transient ward. I just can't wear chunky slip on shoes with a dress. But half of the ward is pregnant and the other half just had babies and those are more practical for them. And it's not even a college ward. Funny post. Do you remember the cute Nike tennis shoes that made your foot look thin and cute? Now they all make feet look fat. So sad that I didn't save those shoes. I saved 2 other pair from H.S., though.

GRAMEE said...

Before we went to Europe I found the cutest pair of shoes, I thought they would be great walking (they were) I could wear them with anything.. well I wore them out. I can't find another pair like them anywhere! cute, tiny heel, and comfy! perfect combo!

Stephanie said...

I broke my ankle on the weight bearing point over the summer. After being in a cast for months my left foot is much wider now plus it has zero strength soooo I can no longer wear heels. I have been so miserable this winter, no cute boots, no cute shoes, just ugly black sensible mary janes. I totally feel your pain.

Nicole said...

I'm the same way, if it doesnt have a heel it's just not right! I had to start wearing flats when I found out about the tendonitis in my hips (thanks to the heels)! It's NOOOO fun.

Elise said...

Just bought a cute pair of ballet flats that are super comfy in leopard print from American Eagle. I literally could wear these all day and my feet don't hurt. I would find an American Eagle in Anaheim and check them out. Also, check out Puma's - they have some super cute sneakers in fun colors.

You can pull off any shoe and make it cute. Just work your magic.

Yarni Gras! said...

haha... I can just see you at Disney with stilettos on!