Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Congrats, It's a small world and more moon pix..

I am so exited to announce that Dale made NCO for the Quarter for is Squadron last week and then went on to win it for the hospital. Now he will go off and compete Base wide.
We are very excited for him.. He worked hard for it and fought hard for it and his had work one out So Wooh Whoot to Dale!!

So would you belive me if I told you a young man moved to Tasmania Australia to serve a mission for our church and while haveing dinner with a family from Church in Tasmania had a conversation that went like this.

So where are you from young man
Young man answers"Alaska"
Tasmanian woman: Really well I read a blog written by an awesome women in Alaska do you know her?
Young Man"Why yes I do we live in the same town"
Now how strange would that be.

I probably would have thought that was a little strange until yesterday.
I got an email say that very thing..

Mary-Anne from Tasmania had Elder Smith a young man that my Daughter Kadie went to school with over to dinner on Sunday.
I also got to know his mom and aunts very well while working on the nativity last year.
So I can hardley wait to tell her this story when the nativity comity meets on wednesday.
(So If you know Sister Smith don't tell her)
It truly is a small world.

Now on to moon pix.
I promised to show every moon pic that was sent to me on my blog.
So if you still want to take one send it to me and I will show it.
Here a moon pic from Ellana  from Greenville, NC

Speaking of moons.
This morning at 8:3o garret was going to school he came back in side and said mom you have to see this.
I went out side and looked up at the sky and saw this beautiful sight.

The moon still up and shining peeking out of the tress.
This picture dose not do it justice.
It was truly breathtaking seeing the moon shining like the sun in full day light.



Ter said...

:) You're famous!

Ann Marie said...

I love it!
Blogging rules! ha-ha

Ann Marie said...

Oh and PS:
Congrats to your husband...

Yarni Gras! said...

if need to remember the moon photos!
what a neat thing about the blog comment :-)
Congrats to Dale!

BTW, how are you coming with the Witches Swap? Are you still in the Hot Mama Apron Swap?