Sunday, October 4, 2009

Watching a miracle..

When I was pregnant with William people would always say things like maybe a miracle will happen and William will be born whole.
Every time they would say that I would sadly smile and say if thats to be. Knowing full well it wasent the miracle they thought.
This is something I haven't shared befor.
August 25th 2005 after finding out William was sick.
Late in the night I got down on my knees and asked that William would be healed.
I got my answer quickly.
I was told by Heavenly father that he would heal the fetus inside my womb if that is what I wanted.
But and this was a big but if that was the path I chose it would be a different spirit.
I new immediately what my answer would be I would carry William to term.
I had already fallen madly in love with him.
I new he was to be my child and that he was supose to be born into our family.
I new how difficult this journey would be.
I also new it was a journey I would not have to take alone.
I new my family, friends and my Heavenly father would walk this journey with me.
I also new I could ask my heavenly Father for help and specific this I needed to help make this journey easier for me and my family.
So I did I asked for time.
I asked that we would have William for 2 weeks.
I was very careful what I asked for and very specific.
I asked that I would be able to take him home and that he would never suffer while he was here n earth.

The day he was born was amazeing and hard I witnessed many miracles that day.
The first happened right after he was born.
Nurse Molly handed him to me and as I was holding him admiring his beauty and watching his heart beat inside his chest, his heart suddenly stopped and the Doctor declared that he was dead.
I sat there in utter amazement as every one around us was crying and in shock.
I thought no Heavenly father you promised me 2 weeks.
With all the Faith I could muster I picked up William and gently rocked him and in a firm mothers voice I said Now William you need to breath for mommy.
In that instance he opened his eyes and took the sweetest breath.
I new I had just witnessed a miracle.
Later on that day we had another scare he had a major seizure and quit breathing.
I had never seen a human bean that shad of purple in my life.
The Dr. handed William over to me so h could die in my arms and I wished to him to stay a little longer so that his brothers and sisters could be with him.
I new if his whole family was in the room that he would fight for us.

We called my in laws and told them to bring the children as soon as they could.
As we waited for them to come Our friend came in and gave him a name and a blessing.
It was just to hard for Dale to do.
The Dr.s kept listing to his heart amazed that it was still beating because William was still not breathing.
Our kids then entered the room and I had each on of them hold William.
As each child held him we witnessed another miracle William started breathing.
His breaths got stronger as each child gently rocked him and kissed him and told him how much he was loved.

After everyone went home about 11:30pm The DR. came in and said do you mind if we put a feeding tube in.
I said  please do I could barely get in milk down him with the bottle.
Once the feeding tube was in place I felt total peace.
So did the DR. He said that he thinks that the seizeor was caused by low blood sugar.
I agreed. He then said said I think he will be fine for the night.
I spent the rest of the night just loveing on him.
I also took a moment to express my love to my Heavenly Father.
I new that it was by his graces that William was still alive.
That was just the beginning.
We ended up spending 16 more days at home with him..
Where we witnessed miracle after miracle.



Ter said...

gosh, jen, I am tearing up so much right now. ((Hugs)) I'm so glad you got to have that time with William. Oh how I wish I had that time with Babybear... I had known she might die, I just wish she had lived for a bit...

Diane said...

i heart you jen {hugs}

thank you always for sharing william's story with us. what an amazing little person to make such an impact in such a short amount of time.

i "met" you around this time last year. i'm really glad i did.

Ann On and On... said...

Well, I'm a reader and sometimes commenter.... thank you for sharing your story. Your strength and faith are admirable. to get some tissue. (A good cry!)

Devri said...

Jen your strength is more than you know. I can't believe the past two posts have been amazing!

Girl, take the time you need, be awnry, be sad as much as you want, but like you say, then pick up yourself and be thankful like you are, and celebrate that little life.. He is a strong little boy, and I am sure he is making you proud in Heaven.

hugs to you my dear friend.

Jill said...

Oh, Jenn! Thank you for sharing this. Even though I've felt the power myself, I am always in awe when I hear stories like this. Heavenly Father knows us, He hears us and blesses us because of our faith. You are an inspiration to me!

Gamma Sharon said...

I also am glad you were able to have that time with him. It is amazing what God can do... He never seizes to amaze me! It was not to be for my grand daughter, Achaela... but He knows best! My thoughts are with you and yours.
Love, Sharon

Belle (from Life of a...) said...

Jen...I am in awe of your strength and your faith, as well as that of Dale and your entire family.

Rayna said...

Oh wow, I'm just trying to keep the tears from my eyes so I can read! How strong a woman you are!
What an amazing experience! You were the Mother for William I'm so glad you had the revalation.
Thank you for sharing!
It gives me strength to do anything with faith!

Jacky said...

Jen, I think you're going to make me cry...I loved this post. I'm so thankful for the time you got to spend with William, and for the amazing ways God worked in his life...It's just so amazing. Thank you so much for sharing this with me.

Dari said...

Wow, this is so touching. It is amazing the miracles the Lord can bring about. How lucky you were to have the time with him that you did. Our Heavenly Father really loves you and your family to bless you with the time you had with your sweet William. You guys are so strong. Thank you for sharing this with us.

Gabrielle said...

HUGS my dear friend! Someday you will have him whole in your arms again!

Yarni Gras! said...

oh Jenn, that was such a beautiful story to tell. I know it is so bittersweet sharing it, but your faith is such an inspiration to others....don't ever forget that.

Little Miss Baker said...

wow what a touching story. Thank you for sharing. You are in my thoughts and prayers :)

Small House said...

These sweet babies come with such an amazing spirit. I'm also the mom of a Trisomy 18 baby. I learned of Trisomy 18 when I was 5 months pregnant. She would be 4 years old. It was quite an experience caring a baby to term know she would die soon after birth, if not before. She lived 16 hours. Oh...she was so cute.


Small House said...

These sweet babies come with such an amazing spirit. I'm also the mom of a Trisomy 18 baby. I learned of Trisomy 18 when I was 5 months pregnant. She would be 4 years old. It was quite an experience caring a baby to term know she would die soon after birth, if not before. She lived 16 hours. Oh...she was so cute.