Thursday, October 1, 2009

Busy few days..

First I want to say thanks to everyone who has sent me moon pix..
It's still not to late take one tonight if you can.
Second I was really impressed with your comments yesterday.
They really touched my heart.
I feel like I know each of you better now.
3rd I want to say Thanks Heavenly Father for the amazeing fall we are haveing.
I cant belive it is October 1st and the leaves are still on the trees.

Every time I get in my car I roll the windows down and in joy the warm breeze and the beautiful sights I get to see.

So part of me being busy yesterday was Garrett's cross country meet.
Ben and went over to the high school to watch hundreds of kids run.

It was windy but pleasant.

Garret was in the second to the last race.
He ran a mile and a half.
I was so proud of the kid his poor legs hurt because of growing pains.
I was really worried he might not be able to finish.
I told him to do his best!
Yet gave him the insintive of going to Dairy queen and getting any thing on the menu if he was in the top ten!
I sat cheering on the runners as the first two boys  neared the finished line.
All the sudden a pack of boys came up behind them and to my surprise Garrett was in it.

I started jumping up and down in my stilettos and screamed thats my boy Go Garret go!

I am happy to announce he took 5th out of about a hundred boys!!
He took 8th last year so needless to say we were proud and he was proud!!
Now I cant wait until basketball season.

Ok I need to and finish the rest of my sewing.
So far I have mad 10 potholders
2 bathtub aprons
and 1 Halloween apron.
Now If I can just get 3 more Bath aprons and a few regular aprons done I could move on to the purses.



Ter said...

Ugh, so last night, I ended up going to babysit. I'm sitting on their couch while the kids are sleeping and I think to myself I will have to remember to do a moon pic when I get home.... but I forgot.

This post says "it's not too late!" so I jumped up to go get a pic of the moon but the only window I have in that direction has my neighbors house blocking it. If it wasn't raining outside I'd run outside to get a pic! LOL

But I just set my cell phone to remind me again in an hour while it's still today, and the moon should be visable from another window. ;)

And hey, looks like you got some sunshine!!

The Blonde Duck said...

It looks so gorgeous where you live. It's 80 here and it feels cold!

I have a question. Have you ever sold your goods at a arts and crafts fair, where you had to set up a table? I was invited to sell my books at a fair and I'm kinda over my head...

Yarni Gras! said...

what a sweet post about Garret, love those stilettos!