Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Starburst and gobstoppers!

My inspiration for this little ditty was gobstoppers and starburst!
I am in yet another apron swap and the theme is chocolate..
Yet when I get my partner she said she doesnt like chocolate she likes gobstoppers and starburst.
The gal is gutsy I can tell allready joining a chocolate themed swap then asking for something else.
My kinda gal!

The colors reminded me of starriest and I
 love how the ball fringe looks like gobstoppers..
I am just hoping she wasent looking forward to a chocolate brown apron.
Now to finish all the million other things I need to get done.



Diane said...

super cute!

Jacky said...

Oh, I like it! It's super cute. Great job, Jen! =)

Ann Marie said...

She is a LUCKY girl!

Those colors.. and the little balls on the end are adorable!
You always do a fab job!!

Ter said...

cute! :)

Turtles In North Dakota said...

If this is for a certain someone I know VERY well and is in the swap she will LOVE it.Ü

If it is for that same someone you are right she is a rebel!!!!I will keep quiet.She will be surprised as she is busy for the next two weeks.If it is her that is.

Stephanie said...

Sooo pretty!

Jennifer said...

I love it! So cute.

Yarni Gras! said...

omgosh, that is WONDERFUL! She will love it