Thursday, October 8, 2009

Ramblings of a crazy women.

I did a little crafting the other day..
I haven't painted wood things in a while and decided to give it a whirl again for a swap that I was in.
I forgot how much I loved it!

Kadie bug is home and we did some talking and hugging and smooching and some shopping .
I sure did miss my girl..

I had a very sad 2 year old who misses her mommy to day. ( Her mom's on a Cruise )
She just cried and cried and wanted to be loved on.
She always melts my heart when she says Momma Jen hugs kiss Kala sad.
I forgot how tiring a sad 2 year old can be.

Now I am sitting here trying to figure out where exactly where we want to go on our 20th anniversary.
We keep changing our minds or might I say He (Dale)
keeps changing our minds.
At this point I would go to the Zoo and be happy.
But how unromantic would that be..
I guess I better get back on line and find a romantic destination.
I think I am just going to choose Disneyland.
Or maybe a cruse or Hawaii. Or I don't know Tenbucktwo.



Ter said...

You could always come to my house. ;)

The Blonde Duck said...

Go to the beach!

Ann Marie said...

Anywhere sounds good to me too!
Yay for painting crafts!

You are so right.. I have a 2 year old.. and she's ALOT of work. Adorable.. but alot of work..

I lost your e-mail. I have been meaning to e-mail you about the apron for the last few days.. If you get a chance.. could you e-mail me? Thanks!

Have a fabulous weekend!

Gamma Sharon said...

Oh, enjoy your girl. And enjoy your 20th.
You have an award awaiting you at my blog... not sure if you do that but just wanted to give it to you anyway.
Love, Sharon

Bee and Rose said...

20 years! Congratulations!

I think Duckie has a great idea! The beach sounds fantastic!

sinnlighet said...

I like your blog and your cool pic's!! Agneta