Monday, October 12, 2009

Super hero cape made from a towel tutorial.

If you are a mom or have been around kids for any length of time you have probably tied a towel or blanket around a toddler or big kids neck a thousand times all because they want to be a super hero.
Well I solved the problem for me at least.
I just added ties to the dang towel it was fast and easy and it's the perfect super hero cape.
What I liked most about this anybody can do it no matter what your skill level is.
I also like the fact there is little sewing and no pattern
I promise any mom, Dad ,Grandparent, aunt uncle etc can make this.

Do you want to know how?
All you you need is a cheep bath towel
(For big kids I like towels with there favorite characters on them.
Like super man or strawberry shortcake you get the point.)
scissors thread
and a sewing machine.

If the cape is for a little one I advise cutting the towel in half

Then fold over the top about one inch
To make a casing.

Sew right on the edge of the seam.
making sure you leave both ends open.

Next take your ribbon cut it to the length you want it.
Attache a safety pen or a barrette to pull the ribbon threw
the casing.

When you are done pulling it threw the casing.

Adjust the to the size that will fit best around the child's neck.

Then sew the ribbon down so it wont slip threw the casing.

Then walla you are done.
Its easy peasy and takes about 10 minutes.
If you want you can ad ball fringe ribbon what ever to jazz it up.
I just added scraps of fabric and ball fringe.

Baby M thinks its great fun!!
As always if you have questions let me know.



Diane said...

i think even i could do that!

Devri said...

Umm I dunno.. lol when I go buy my towel I want to use, mabye we might have to skype! lol

looks great!

Fahrenheit 350° said...

I'm totally admitting that I'm going to make one for myself! Happy SITS sitsa!

Anonymous said...

Cute! The newest thing the 3 year old I nanny for insists on is me tying her blankie around her waist so it can be her mermaid tail. Any pattern for that? Lol!

Debbie said...

That is a great project. I just came by from SITS and I love your blog!

Andy Porter said...

I love it! That would make a cute half apron as well. Thanks for the link on Poppies!

Claire Bond said...

Great idea, I have plenty of old towels at home and this would be a great to make for my granddaughter.

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