Saturday, October 3, 2009

A little pity party with a happy ending..

I was haveing a rare pity party day today..
As my friends here know I have been in a a little bit of a feisty mood lately.
It's been this way every year around this time since I found out about William haveing Trisomy 18.
No matter what I do to try to shake the feelings I have they are still there, despite that they make me crazy I am grateful for them because I allow my self to think of William and I also recognize that I improving in my grief.
Today I was getting ready to write a post on these fabulous rings that I picked up at Forever 21 last night.
Then I thought boy here I go again I am talking about shopping and my latest find when there is so many people in the world that are struggling to make ends meat.
This is something that has bothered me lately.
I feel like my post are filled with vain bragging.
{I went back later and relised the post aren't really as bad as I thought they were.}
As I was haveing my pity party I decided to check my email.
I opened and email Titled (No Moon pics:( )
Even befor I opened the email I was touched that somebody took the time to try and get moon pic's for me.
Then when I read Erin's heart felt letter of how my Blog has touched her life I couldn't stop crying.
My heart felt so full with gratitude and love for this stranger and here sincere words.
It was like getting a special hug and feeling validated at the same time.
I have had many letters from readers and I am always amazed at the kind things that you all write.
Thank you again for reading my blog and boosting me up when I am feeling blue..


Ter said...

Jen, if anything, you're the one who lifts spirits around here. :) So, Thank YOU. :)

Erin Terry said...

Thank you so much Jenn. I am glad I could lift you up just as you have done for me so many times. I have a blog too, though its mainly to keep family and friends updated. You can see it at:
Have a great weekend!

Valerie said...

You are fabulous! And you know what's great about it? You know it. I think everyone should know how fabulous they are. I miss talking to you! It's been too long. I am not great at keeping up with everyones blogs but when I do get on here, you bring a smile to my face. I just love you.

Gamma Sharon said...

Don't change a thing on how you do your blog!! It is all you and you are wonderful!
My heart is with you and with your family. William is looking down upon you and smiling. He is happy walking with Jesus and all who went before us.
You know I am crying and feeling a little of your pain!
Love, Sharon

Lucy said...

Jen, you are an amazing woman. I am so happy I know you (even if from affar.)

Rayna said...

Your just as Real as Real gets, that's why we love you and your blog! Thank you!

RatalieNose said...

Dude you are SO not bragging!!!
I love you and your blog dearly!!

Yarni Gras! said...

your spirit is what draws us back time and again. It isn't the shopping photos, or the kooky way you have of making us laugh. It is the beauty God put inside you and the gift he gave be able to SHARE it with us (despite your dyslexia!) Don't forget that.