Saturday, October 10, 2009

Taking the time.

I dont know about you all but I tend to find my self  rushing life along as fast as I can some day.
I find my self telling my kids No I cant play with you I am busy.
Only to see there faces fall and then I feel guilty.
So this week I took the time to really get goofy and play with my kids.
We didn't do any thing planned or big.
 When they asked to play UNO or dolls , my little pony , or talk endlessly about the book they where reading or the cute boys they saw in the halls at school  I stopped what I was doing and played or listened even if it was for ten minuets.
I even sacrificed my sleep and woke up when Madie said come quick and take a picture of the mountains they look so pretty.

She was absolutely right.
I was glad I took the time to wake up and stand beside Madie and look at the beauty that Heavenly Father created for us.
I really am a blessed Momma
with 8 of the most amazeing children.

Oh and lets not forget my amazeing husband.
He is pretty awesome too.
Just this morning I found my favorite treat sitting on my desk.

It was just another reminder of how much he loves me.

I think I am going to challenge you my bloggy friends to take a little time out of you busy lives and show the ones you love who much you love them by spending time with them.
Feel free to share with me what you do I Would love to hear..
Plus I could always use new Ideas.



Dreamgirl said...

Oh... such a great post and a good reminder to all us busy moms. I sometimes feel overwhelmed by 2 kids... and you have 8! You must be amazing!

Yay.. to all great husbands who know what a woman really needs!

Ter said...

I wish I could take your challenge, Jen. :(

I really wish I could, especially since this weekend is Thanksgiving here in Canada. *sigh* I'll have to eat a whole pumpkin pie by myself.

Ann Marie said...

My children LOVE books. ~ And they LOVE when I read them books. I have no problem when it's once before bed.. but my little 2 year old ALWAYS wants me to read a book to her. I have started giving in.. even when I'm in the middle of something.. because I know.. she's growing faster than I'm ready for..

Great thoughts.. Your a good Mother.

Ande said...

this is one of the things I need to remember. I try to play with my kids and have a little one on one time with them, I need to drop what I am doing and play with them more often.

Yaya said...

You're right. I do need to slow down.

Rayna said...

Everytime my little one ask me to come play I try my hardest to be there for her.
There are those times that I say, "Hey Mommy needs some Mommy time, though"!
Thanks for the reminder!