Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Baby it's cold out side..


It's definitely a hot coco and sock day..
Iam debating if I am even going to leave the house..
Baby M thinks we should she keeps saying bye bye momma aunt Jenn.
I just dont want change out of my work out clothes and take off my socks.
Maybe I will shock everyone at Ben's school and show up like I look now.
I could just imagine there shocked faces and the murmuring whats wrong with fashion mom..

I do have to say it is pretty out side. The contrast of the changing fall leaves and the white snow capped mountains are breathtaking.

You can see in the picture that the snow is still dumping on the mountains.
I am not ready to say that it is winter yet..
Ask me again after the weekend.
We are supose to be getting sticky snow. Boo Hiss on that one.
I hope the weather man is wrong.
By the way we are allready descending in to darkness. Yuck..
Every day the sun is coming up late and later..
Soon I will be living in the dark..
My least favorite part of leaving in Alaska.
So what is your weather like?



Nicole said...

Our weather man was wrong. As of yesterday we were suppose to have 1 1/2 feet of snow. Today.....nothing. They're saying it missed us! I'm sooooo glad.

shaina said...

Just about the same here. Crazy early winter! Next week is supposed to be nice again.
Enjoy your cocoa and stay inside!

Ter said...

It's not bad here for this time of year. WE had so much rain in August that it actually feels really nice out in comparison. But there is quite a breeze. I have the windows open to the a/c doesn't kick in but it's getting kind of cold in here so I 'll probably close them up soon. I like this time of year when it's nice like this (not hot, not cold, just inbetween) with the breeze right now I might need a long sleeved shirt outside but yesterday it warmed up and I didn't need it so maybe today too.

Blog Stalker said...

still sunny and warm where I am........actually wish I lived in Alaska.....but sure that would change if I was there too long.

Have a great day!

val said...

Our weather is typical of and super humid. It makes me REALLY miss OK. It was hot in the summer but cooled down quickly in September. I would love that crispness in the air about now.

Belle (from Life of a...) said...

Warm clothes and hot chocolate sound SO good and comforting. I could use some of that.