Wednesday, September 2, 2009

When do I get my Coach bag??

I think I am raising a designer lover.. A girl after my own heart.
Madeline was in my closet admiring my purses and my new Coach bag.
When she looked up at me and said " Mom when do I get my Coach bag."
I tried really hard not to laugh and said what do you mean.
She said I want my own coach bag "can you get me one for Christmas".
I giggled a little and she just walked off and said I know I know I am way to young.
She then popped her head back in my room with a pouty lip and said maybe when I am 10.
Then ran out real quick befor I could say no.
I do have to say I was a little proud that my daughter although she is only 8 has the designer love bug.
My other 3 girls could care less they are the anti designer Gilly girls.
They make fun of me and tease me all the time.
So needless to say I am trilled that one of my girls are like me.
Lets just hope it last.. LOL
*disclaimer I am not a mindless crazy self centered girl who only wheres designer clothes, shoes and  purses There is depth to me and I know the value of a dollar and I teach it to my children.
I just happen to love the finer things in life and do my best to find it all on sale.*



Tonya said...

Too cute...but I'm thinkin' that coach bag/purse would of had to have been seriously on sale! I can't bring myself to spend $40 on a wallet - let alone hundreds on a purse haha. They are very nice looking though. I'm beginning to think I may be the only military wife without one :-)

Karen and Matt said...

Too cute!!! That coach bag is cute! That really cracks me up...maybe when I'm 10. =)