Saturday, September 12, 2009

Gourmet candy corn?

Who the heck are they tying to kid candy corn is candy corn, just a bunch of surgery yuck!
Yep you heard me right I don't like candy corn..
I really cant stand it..
Or can I?
Well if it's Gourmet Cream Brulee candy corn I am all over the stuff!!
I found it at Walmart all alone on the shelf and just had to give the stuff a try.
I love it!!
So maybe I only like Gourmet Candy corn..


Ter said...

Funny enough, I've never tried candy corn. I've never seen it here, even at Halloween. Must be an American Only thing??

Cherie said...

I am a Candy Corn lover - I will have to try this. The gourmet version - Love it!

RatalieNose said...

you're so Chique.

Nicole said...

OMG candy corn is my all time FAVORITE! That would be the death of me. I will not go searching for it...............