Monday, September 14, 2009

Honest Scrap

Thanks Jacky Over at The sweetest Petunia
I am so glad you gave me this award because I dont know that I would have had the opportunity otherwise to have met you via your blogging.
I was very shocked to read that Jacky is only 18 she is very well written and uber talented.

So here is the award Honest scrap!
So I am to write 10 honest things about my self!
Do you think you all can handle this?
1.I am not perfect in any way (shocking I know)
And i am ok with that because it only means I have lots more to learn and I love to learn.
2.I love to watch General Hospital a soap ( shameful I know)
3. I have tummy fat lots of it in fact ( I am just really good at hiding it).
4. I have severe Dyslexia and cant spell worth a darn. But you all still read my blog and I am thankful for that.
5.I buy clothes just because they are on sale sometimes and then never end up wearing them.
6. I love to break the rules just to see if I can get away with it. especially in fashion.
7.I have really ugly feet.
8.I love to sing Brittney spears songs at the top of my lungs while driving in my car.
9.I am not scared of dying..
10. I hate being alone in the dark. Because for me I am never really alone.
No I don't see dead people but I do see spirits.
Some times they scare me but not on purpose.



Ter said...

Congrats on the award, you totally deserve it! :)

Diane said...

i love that you write despite your dyslexia. just *one* of the many reasons i like you!! just cuz you can't spell don't mean you got nuthin' to say!!! haha (that's what i tell my daughter with dyslexia and it always makes her laugh!)

congrats on your award! you are much deserving!!

jewelstreet said...

Yay for the award! Who cares about spelling anyway?! lol. As long as we get the jist it doesn't matter.

I'm sensitive to what I call 'vibes' so I completely understand #10.

Ann Marie said...

Fun to read new things about you!
I have to say.. we may be twins on #10... Curious....

Yarni Gras! said...

oh, that is so wonderful! You deserve the award!

Staci said...

I loved reading more about you, jen! you seem like such a cool person. and you'd make a fab shopping partner, as I also buy clothes b/c they're on sale and never wear them ;-)

Elizabeth said...

I love you. Thanks for sharing. I too love to sing Brittney Spears songs at that top of my lungs. Lucky is my favorite. I don't have dyslexia, but I still can spell worth a darn. You are AMAZING!