Thursday, September 10, 2009

Sewing The New Extreme sport!

Ok I am just a little embarrassed!
Last night as I was sewing a very cute almost done apron, I got my thumb caught between the presser foot and the needle so a double whammy.
I sewed it with the needle and as the nob where the needle was speedily going up and down
It hit my dumb a few times causing it to have a blood blister and swell up pretty bad.
So i called it quits for the night.
I was a little bummed out because I was almost done.
All I need to do is add the waistband and  ties.
I hope to finish it today
Here is a little peek.
But first I am going to take my self to lunch and do a little shopping.
I unexpectedly have no baby M today.
Her mommy is sick and stayed home.
So I have a kid free day until 2pm.. Wahoo.
My first one since school started.
So I am going to enjoy my alone time..
I love alone time.
I hope you all are haveing a great day!!



jewelstreet said...

Ouch! But the fabric on that apron looks sooo cute! I can't imagine what it looks like as a whole.

Least you don't have this black tar like stuff all over your hands. lol.

Mary said...

Hi! Popping over to visit from SITS Roll Call.

This sounds like me only mine usually involves cooking and a knife!

Have a great day.

Ter said...


that would totally be me...if I ever got a sewing machine. (I really want to!)

Devri said...

OUCH, maybe you need to claim workers comp on that one! lol

shaina said...

I once sharpened my thumb in a pencil sharpener. Tore my entire nail off.

Hope you don't get "gun shy" around the sewing machine and can finish your cute apron! Have a nice kid-free day!

Ann Marie said...

Sorry about your finger!
Love the fabric.. and alone time too!

Nicole said...

Ooooh that looks like it hurt!

How nice to have a kid free day, take it while you can get it huh?! I dont blame you.

I have a contest going on, stop by and enter!

Yarni Gras! said...

yeowch! I hate finger boo-boos......