Friday, September 11, 2009


Yesterday I was at my wits end with theses three.
All of them chose to misbehave in school yesterday to the degree that each of there teachers called and talked with me.
I was a little floored because for the most part they are really good boys.
As I drove to get Garret from cross country practice a feeling came upon me that I should enjoy it all when they are good and when they are not so good.
I was reminded that today I have the opportunity to take each boy one on one and talk to them individually and remind them that I love them and that they are good boys and that I know they will choose better paths tomorrow.
I was also reminded that I get to go thru these experiences with them.
I get to watch them grow in to young men.
I get to see them develop there different personalities.
I get to hold them when they are sad
and teach them when they are being naughty.
A joy that I dont have with our 4Th boy William.
I often wonder what kind of little boy he would be.
What he would look like.
I wonder if he would have been as naughty as the other three boys yesterday.
All these questions I will have to wait to have the answer to until we are reunited again.
So until then I will enjoy the three sometimes naughty boys that I have.
I hope you all are haveing a wonderful Friday!
Remember to hold your loved ones close and rember the ones that were lost 8years a go today>
I rember 9/11/2001.



The Blonde Duck said...

It gave me chills. Wonderful post.

Diane said...

nice post Jen! :)

Ter said...


In transition said...

Sweet philosophy Jennifer.

Troy and Rachel said...

Your boys are very lucky to have you as their Mom!

RatalieNose said...

This is beautiful.
Way to be!

gigi said...

So touching and tender and true.