Sunday, September 6, 2009

A little dating fun at the fair..

Yesterday Farmer Dale took me on a date to the Alaska state fair.
We got to see these cute little piglets that were born at the fair the night befor.
They look so cute nursing from there momma.
We then went and looked at the prize winning vegetables.
The pumpkins and cabbages are out of the world
Here is my friend Carol's lettuce.
Her family was honored as the farm family of the year!
Along with her momma and Pop.
Her momma is Granny Oberg who makes the best rolls in the world
And always comes up behind me and grabs my foot and inspects it like I am a horse.
Then complements me by calling me a darn  fool or an idiot for my choice of foot wear.
I really do love the old Gal.
After walking for hours in these babys I decided to take a break..
While Dale went to get me fried cheese curds.
I made sure I thanked him with a big wet kiss.
This year the had a super cool reptile exhibit.
where this cute guy was swimming about.
I tried to get the snake to kiss me but he just stuck his tongue out at me instead.
I got discouraged after the snake turned me down for a kiss.
So I left and went outside to talk the agitator into giving up his skin for anew pair of heals for me.
But all he would let me d is pet him. LOL
Tonight I my friend is kidnapping me and we will be doing something super cool ..
So stay tuned ....


Ter said...

gosh, dale gained a little weight since coming home, did he? ;) and turned into a farmer! ;) *giggle*

you're very brave to be smooching snakes and alligators. eeek!

Ande said...

Looks like you guys had a good time. I wish Tom took me on dates. He doesn't so much anymore since you guys left. :( Poor alligator, knowing you wanted to wear him. Do you still have the rabbit? Ha ha

RatalieNose said...

Oh how fun!
I love state fairs!
Ooo what's going down tonight??

Anonymous said...

What a great time! You looked great, too! I bet those shoes were killers by the end of the day;however, sometimes it's painful to be beautiful! Have a blessed weekend:)