Monday, September 7, 2009

Being Kidnapped is so much fun!!

Last night my friend Tiffany kidnapped me and took me on an adventure.
Can you guess yet what we did?
She took me to the fair grounds
Where we watched this lovely purple balloon get inflated.
It was pretty cool watching the whole processes.
It is hard to belive that this little contraption
That makes this big fire can keep the balloon a float.
After we watched the balloon come to life Tiffany her son KY and I took off for a short ride.
It was totally awesome..
(My 80's slang)
It was so neat to soar above the fairgrounds and see the sights.
I felt totally free..
It was an awe inspiring moment.
I felt like a little kid getting her wish to hold on to a balloon and fly up high.
Then it was over befor we new it and it was time to land back down in reality.
Thanks Tiffany for letting me tag along for the fun!!


capperson said...

That looks like sooo much fun!

jewelstreet said...

That is too cool! Tiffany rocks!

I so want to do that one of these days. There is a big hot air balloon festival around here with hundreds of balloons. That's on my list too. ;)

Ter said...

That's a pretty balloon. The only ones I see around here are promoting the local news!

While I like looking at them, I don't think I'd ever get in one. I'm not afraid of heights but I am afraid of falling, and that looks like something I'd easily all out of! :o0

Design it Chic said...

oooo hot air balloon-ing!!! that's nice! i bet you had a blast!
Happy Belated Labor Day!Oh and you may want to stop by check the randomness going on!