Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Hidden lake ..

Yesterday we went up to Hatcher Pass to hike what we like to call Hidden Lake.
The drive up was just splendid !
I love watching the swift running river.
Here are my kids in the hiking finest getting ready for the treacherous
death defying hike.
Up Gold Cord lake trail?
wait a minute where did that singh come from.
It was never there befor.
Were will still call it hidden lake a much better name..
Here we all go fallowing the trail.
Half way up we took a little break.
Here was an old shack left over from the gold mining days.
We got back on the trail and this is where I started to get
Why did I get sick ?
Because I looked down.
you cant tell but it's a long ways down and I was on a narrow ledge.
Now I am not afraid of heights but for some reason I had a panic attack.
Maybe because I started to get vertigo and every thing was spinning.
After several hikers encouraged me that I was almost there I forged ahead to see the splendid beauty that awaited me at the top.
It always takes my breath away when I see the beauty that Heavenly Father created for us.
Who would have ever guessed that this treasure would be awaiting us at the top of the mountain.
My kids absolutely love playing in the frigid crystal blue water.
So we tried to get pix on the rocks like we have done in previous years but There was never a perfect shot.
In my eyes so I wasent going to share them because I thought we all looked like goofs and I look eight month pregnant setting in that weird position .
Thank goodness I remembered why I blog.
Not for others to judge me or my family but for a keepsake for our family.
So here we are in all our glory.
This is probably the best shot of the whole outing.
Shelly and Missy talking about the mysteries of life.
To me it is a priceless shot.
After a while we cleaned up and started down the mountain.
Let me just say it is so much quicker going down the mountain than climbing up the mountain.
We were almost at the end of the trail when I spotted a fox.
At first I thought it was a dog and then I realized what it was.
If you look to your left by the rock you can see him better.
(if you clique on the pic it will be bigger)
It was the perfect ending to a perfect hike.
Maybe we will go check out the Falls next weekend!


jewelstreet said...

Oh, my! That is so beautiful. Such a treasure to behold. I'm putting it on my list of places to visit one day.

Blog Stalker said...

What an awesome time and great pictures! One question though. Just who is the Heavenly Bather? Sorry.....could not resist! lol

Have a great day!

btw....it is funny because I not only accidentally type too fast and screw up the words but cant spell worth a lick to boot!

great post!

RatalieNose said...

What a fun day trip!
K I love that picture of your daughters talking!
You're right...priceless!
Love the fox!!!

Nicole said...

What a beautiful hike! The end was well worth it. That water looks so cool and that last picture is perfect. Well they're all good but the one of your daughters is especially good!

Laura said...

We have taken family photos on the same rock, Jen. We are always laughing so hard by the time we get the picture taken, though, that they pictures are silly. I don't know why we keep trying to get a good photo on that dang rock. :)

LollyChops said...

That little mining shack is just about the coolest thing I have ever seen! I would love to check out something like that!

What a beautiful place that is!

LinLori said...

What gorgeous photos! You commented above me on SITS and I'm so glad I stopped by!!

Anonymous said...

Looks beautiful, but yes, I so have a fear of heights.

Cherie said...

Wow! What a wonderful place. I would SO love that hike!! The lake is such a beautiful color and so clear - I can see why you like to go there!
I love that last picture of your girls, it is definately a priceless picture.