Monday, September 28, 2009


Today I was catching up on some sewing when I getting my sewing machine.
My eye caught a glimpse of an apron that I started last October but never finished.

I had taken it out a few weeks ago with the intentions of finishing.
But never got around too it.

So I grabbed the apron and fished it up.
The silly part is it only took 5mins..

I dont even rember why I never finished it.
I put it on as soon as I was done and started dancing around my kitchen .
I felt like a flirty good witch..
Now i just need to break out my book of spells and concocted some yummy treats.


Ter said...

cute! I should order an apron from you, then maybe I'll feel more like doing housework. lol

Ann Marie said...

Very cute!
One day I hope to wear one of your creations.. hint-hint.. ;)

Nicole said...

Very cute! I think my aunt is still planning on ordering something from you. Did you send that email with some pictures??? I hope it didnt end up in my junk mail!

Yarni Gras! said... is sooooo cute!

krista said...

that apron is SO SO Cute!!!!! good work :)