Monday, September 28, 2009

Smashing new Jacket and living in the dark!!

You know when you see an article of clothing and screams buy me buy me!!
Thats how it was for me and this jacket.
I saw it hanging on the rack and new I was introublimititly.
I was hoping it wouldn't fit so I would not be so tempted.
I looked at the price and thought not bad but higher than I wanted to spend.
I carried it around for a while and the longer it was in my arms the more it grew on me.
I made up my mind and said who cares about the price.
Then Dale came up saw the jacket and I said it's mine and dont you dare try and talk me out of it.
Being the smart man he is he only winced a little when he saw the price tag.
We walked around the store a bit longer when Madie said I am hungry.
I dug into my big Coach purse to look for a granola bar and to my sheer pleasure I saw the guilt free ticket
A 20 percent off coupon on ant item in the store.
When I told Dale what I found he just giggled  chuckle and said it's not like you were going to put the jacket back any ways. I said no but now I can buy some jewelry.

I cant belive we allready in the dark season.
Boo hiss I hate it..

Here is a pic of my front yard at 7:30 am
Dark as night..

Then the sun makes it's appearance at about 8:15
This is just the beginning. pretty soon at 10 am it will be s dark as the first pic.
Then at 3pm it will be just as dark..
Nothing like a dark Alaskan winter.



Diane said...

i dont know if i could handle the dark! id want to sleep all day!!

that jacket is totally YOU!!! i think you did the right thing lol!

Ter said...

oh my yes that is dark!

You should do a post with a pic every hour for a whole day. And have the photos time stamped so no one thinks you're kidding. :)

That jacket looks good on you. I can't get away with things like that. I'm lucky if I get something that doesn't make me look like a house.

shaina said...

Fantastic jacket for you!! Love that you had 20% off, and then bought jewelry.

I hear ya about the dark winters sucking the life out of you. Hope you survive!

Cherie said...

Love the jacket!

I didn't realize it was dark all day at your house in the winter. Is there no sunlight at all??
How long does it last? Very interesting.

Yarni Gras! said...

ooooo, I love to find a coupon stashed in my purse! Great jacket!