Friday, August 31, 2007

Field Trip to the Fair..

Dale, Ben and I went with Robbie to the Fair today it was a lot of fun. The kids were so much fun to be around There is nothing like 36 5Th graders.. I do have to say they were a great group of kids. They were there to learn about Recycling.

Ben had fun climbing the fence for the Animals.

He thought he was spider man..

Dale and I had fun eating all the yummy junk food.

I can't wait to go back tomorrow.. I hope to take a ton of fun pix.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Cute Shoes Cute wraped Gift Oh my they match!!!!

Guys are such dorks!!!! I went over to a friends house to drop off a gift . When I got there her husband looked at me then he looked at the gift then he looked at my feet and just started laughing. I looked down to make sure I had on two of the same shoes on . Yes they were my very cute leopard print shoes . So I was confused as to what was so funny. I said so are you going to let me in on the joke he just smiled and went and got his wife. I told her what happened and she looked at my shoes and could not fined any thing funny. Then about 2 minutes later he comes back in the room with his camera and said I just have to take a pic of this . His wife said do you mind cluing us in to whats got you in giggling fit . He then said I can't believe you wrapped the gift to match your shoes. I looked at the wrapped gift then I looked at my shoes and sure enough they matched. ( Like I planed that Duhhh) I then started giggling I said it's kinda funny but not that funny . I cant help That I have good taste in Shoes and wrapping paper:)

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Playing with Paper and pictures.....

I have always wanted to figure out how to color on thing in a black and white photo . So I learned years ago how to do it with special pens. I never really like how I made them look .
One of my friends a year and a half ago showed me a scrap book page with her little boy in a yellow rain boots holding a yellow umbrella and the rest of the pic was black and white. I asked her how she did that and she told me with a very expensive computer program. I thought Oh I better buy it then cuz I loved that picture so much. Well I never bought the program but discovered that I had it all ready installed on my computer. (This was about 8 months later.) Well just because you have an expensive program doesn't always mean that you can turn it on and it will work. I just could not get the hang of how it worked I was so wishing I still lived by my friend. ( cuz I know she would have been able to teach me) In a passing conversation a friend of mine her who is an amazing Photographer kinda told me how to do it . so I thought I 'll give it a try and holy cow it worked . I could only figure out how to color one thing at a time I guess I need to take baby steps.

Well I joined a card swap some of my friends talked me into it. I thought OK I will try it but who knows how they will turn out considering I have never rally mad cards before. It was fun making the card it was kinda hard coming up with a design on my own. I think scrap booking is much easier. The theme was flowers I thought OK I have tons of flower stamps and flower paper I can do this no problem . Yeah right I just looked at every thing and my brain started hurting. I then thought I would maybe use blossoms I have tons of them but I did not have 12 of the same color. Then I saw a chip board flower and thought I will just trace it 12 time and see what I can come up with . So This is it !!!!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Thats just my mom!!!!

You got to love 6 year old's.I had to run into Madies class today to drop off some papers she forgot.

When I left one of the little grils raised her had and said Mrs. Evens" was She a movie star"

Madeline just laughed and said she's no movie star thetas just my mom. Her class mate then said well she doesn't look like all the other Mom's...

Talk about a self esteem boost. The last couple day's I have felt a little frumpy..

Now when I am feeling down I will just think I am a Supper Star!!!!

Monday, August 27, 2007

High on a mountain top......

The boys and Dale went hiking a few weekend ago .

They hiked a mountain called Lazy mountain.

I think it should have been named you have got to be crazy to hike me:)

I was so proud of Robbie and Garrett. It was there first time hiking.

They were sure stinky when they got home and had s0re mussels for a few days, but they both agree they can't wait to do it again..

I took a pic of it from my house it does not look so big from a distance...

I look Pretty like Aunt Jenny:)

OK so this just melted my heart my sweet niece Hannah after her mother curled her hair and made her beautiful for the first day of school She said" I look pretty like Just like aunt Jenny.

Hannah is so thoughtful and sweet. She always just knows what to say.

I love you Hannah Bear...

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Shopping , Shopping, Shopping......

There is No good clothes shoping to be found:(
I tried to fined some fun shirts to add to my wardrobe do you think I could fined any under 25 bucks nope......

I miss my Ross (sniff sniff) I just wish they would bring one to Alaska.

Well I did go to Jo~Ann's The other day and found some fun bargains I got 2 topiary Trees for $3.00 I think they will look nice in my bath room.

I also found some fun flowers to arrange. I think it turned out OK. I haven't arranged flowers in so long. I think I need to add one more sunflower to the mix.....

Well I have to go back to Jo~Ann's tomorrow hopefully I can fined some more good bargains.

Friday, August 24, 2007

There's Chicken's in the Yard momma !

Ben came up to me this morning and said momma we have chicken's in the yard .

I said we do?

Ben said : ya I just can't find them .

I then said how do you know they are in the yard then .

Ben said: because there are eggs all over the yard!

I said eggs all over the yard you better show me.

We went in to the yard and sure enough the yard was filled with mush rooms shaped like chicken eggs.

So on a sad note we were in the dining room when I heard this noise that sound like a ball hitting our french door.

I then noticed tiny little feathers on the door. I looked on to the porch and this tinny little bird had hit the window and broke it's little wing . I was so sad and had no clue what I should do for it .

I guess that's just nature.

I almost forgot the kids started school on Monday . They are so happy to be back in school.

Ben misses them so much , he does not under stand why he can't be in school.

Here is a pic of Robbie, Garrett and Madeline. I guess I need to get school pix of the older 3.

Can you believe Kadie is a senior this year . I can't believe time has passed so quickly.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

No use in crying over spilt Root beer..

OK so those that know me well know I have a habit of dropping things.

Yesterday I was making root beer floats for the youth at our Church when all of

the sudden I drop the bottle of root beer all over me and the floor. So the youth and the other leaders got a big laugh out of it.

Theres no better sound than stickey heals on kitchen floors.

I am just glad shooes came clean .

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Mom I got get big so I can carry you!

My sweet little boy Ben came up to me and said " Why are you so sad Mommy"I said because you are getting so big. Ben said well mom I have to get big so I can be a strong man and carry you when you are old . (Ahhhh heart melting ) I then said why would you do that for me ? He then said because I love you mama.
I just can't believe he is 3 now. I wish time would just standstill. Before I know it he will be grown and out of the house :(
The kiddos started school this week I am happy and sad about it. I am glad they get to be back with there friends and furthering there education. I love haveing them home with me and I will miss them . I better run the time is getting the best of me I am off to the dentist wish me luck!!!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Hello friends!

Hello everyone,

I thought i would start a blog ,I have been wanting to do this for a while.
A lot of my online friends talk about there blog spots. so I thought I would give it a whirl.
You never know what i might do or say everyone who knows me knows my life is never dull.
So stay tuned at read often .