Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Welcome to the home of fire station 19

Yesterday was a wonderful sunny day.
Ben and my cub-scout troop went and visited the fire house in our neighborhood.
Yes I said my troop I am the Den mother for Ben wolf troop.

We gathered in The kitchen of the fire house and listened to the firemen tell us about their job and fire safety.

As we were setting there an alarm went off and most of the fire men had to leave on a call.
Fire man baldy I forgot his name told us how he fought non stop at the waldo canyon fire . I will tell you more about it in the next post.
Fire man mustache is the Chief.
The boys were a little board listing in the kitchen.
just in the nick of time the fire men came back and Fire man Brad and Fire man kip took over.
They showed the boys where they sleep.

Where they work out and the best part the Trucks.

We went into their Garage where there equipment was hung nicely.

Then Fireman Brad showed the boys around the truck.

This is the jaws of life Kinda cool the can open up the top of your car in 30 sec.
with this tool.

After the truck tour they let the boys play on the truck.

The boys had the time of there life.

After playing on the truck we learned about how fire men dress.
My next post will be all about this.

The Boys had an amazing time and so did the moms and Dads that went.
Thank you fire man Kip and fire man Brad for opening up your home to us.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Guess who is living with Grandma?

Our oldest grand baby Mr. Carroll is living with us for a while with our #2 daughter his mom of course..
It was unexpected we have had to make a lot of adjustments and changes.
I have been babysitting and running his mom around no stop until she gets a car. 
We love this little boy and have enjoyed having a baby in the house again.
Yes he this is the reason I have not been blogging or crafting.

A fun box in the mail.

I got the best package in the mail few weeks ago.

My swap sister Sherry sent me the most beautiful Zombie Bell doll.

And cookies.

I love these cookies they are made of felt so I wont gain weight and I can keep them forever.

Ben had fun setting them on Bells quilt.

This made me smile he thought of it all on his own.
I would have left them on a plate on my counter.

My Benny boy is so cute. 
And yes he was in the same shirt he was wearing the day before if I would have taken pictures the next day he would have still been in that shirt.
I think he wore that shirt for 5 days strait because he did not have school.
Yes I am the mother of the year!

A fall walk with Ben!

I realize I have not posted in about 2 weeks or longer.
Why you may ask?
I will tell you in a few post for now I am playing catch up.

Ben had the day off a few weeks ago and the big kids had school and Ben had the day off.
Ben loves taking walks when it's just him and I.

The day of our walk was amazing.
Beautiful blue sky's and green lawns.

I wore my trusty slip on sandals. 
(Yes I needed a pedi) 

Ben put on his helmet then blew a spit bubble then we were on our way.

We walked down to the fountain then knowing that it would be turned off and drained soon.

Ben then proceeded to skate around the fountain one of his favorite things to do.

We then sat down a moment.

(Don't mind my face.)

Ben had fun taking pictures of me.

Help help a monsters after me.

Take that monster.

After my  photo shoot we started home.

Part of our way home was up heal so instead of skating  Ben balanced his solo skate.

I love my walks with Benny he is getting so big before I know it he will be in middle school and then no more alone days with mom.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Fall colors in pictuers!

I went on a color nature Safari with Ben yesterday we wanted to go up in the mountains but we ran out of time so we just walked around the neighborhood.
We got some beautiful pictures.

This is my favorite pictures of the day I love the red leaves against the bark of the Aspen .
( I think its an aspen maybe its not)

Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Since we moved in we have been dealing with construction we were the only house done on the block when we moved in.
The workers come every day but Sunday at 7 am with out fail the pounding starts and the back hoes and bobcats make there noise.
It gets so annoying that we cant even sleep in on the weekends.

This is my back yard and soon these cinder blocks will be a house.
what you cant see is the two lots next this house are in the same state.
What dose this mean to me  you might ask?
Let me tell you No more construction I am so excited.
I am also excited because I was sad when we bought the lot that we weren't going to have neighbors.
Now I have 5 have that have already moved in and the rest will move in by the end of the year.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Burlap Chic

Yesterday I was feeling a little crafty .
I remembered seeing an easy burlap wreath on you guessed it PINTREST!
I went down stairs found some orange burlap I had bought for something else a while back.
I also garbed what ever I thought would look good on the wreath.
I went upstairs and garbed a wire hanger of on of my husbands shirts that had just been dry cleaned.

So here is what I used 
One yard of orange burlap cut into 3 inch strips
hot glue gun
scrap fabrics 
a pearl spray
and a owl pic.

I cut the burlap into 3 in strips bent the hanger into a circle and snapped off the hook.

I then started threading the burlap on to the hanger I threaded it like you would folded the burlap like a fan as I threaded it.

Once I was done I secured the hanger together by twisting it.

I then made some rolled flowers.
I then put them on the wreath together to make it look pretty.
Then I took a picture so I would not forget how it looked then glued it all down.

I love the way it turned out it was easy and quick to make.

I like how it looks on my door.

I love working with burlap and I am already thinking of the next project to make with it.