Thursday, May 31, 2012

Look who is coming to Grandmas house!

In just 3 days time I will finally get to love on this little guy.
I cant wait to hold him in my arms!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Grandpas Tree

When ever we go to Grandpas house the first thing Ben does is climb Grandpas tree.
As you can see he brought a special stick with a rope on it to help him climb the tree.

He spent hours climbing the tree and attaching the rope to the tree.

He attempted to climb down the tree with the rope but the stick feel and he caught himself with his legs.
He was very proud of himself that he did not fall out of the tree he said its because he is a man and very strong.
We here that a lot form Ben I can do this because I am a man.
My husband often reminded him he is only a 7 year old man and there for he can only do thing that 7 year old Men should be doing.

I love watching Ben climb Grandpas tree I hope that he gets to do it for many years to come.

Madeline likes to climb Grandpas tree too but needs Bens help to get down.

It is so darn cute hearing him give her instructions he is very patinet and proud of her when she finally gets down.

I hope that one day our trees in my back yard are big enough for my Grand kids to climb on.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Road Trip!

Saturday at noon we packed the kids up and got on the road to Grandma and Grandpas

The kids kept themselves busy by reading and looking out the window.

Dale drove 

and I took pictures.

It was a hot drive and just as we were almost out of Denver we found ourselves in bumper to bumper traffic.
After about 5 mins of bumper to bumper traffic we saw this.

as soon as we passed the wreck we were smooth sailing.

After 3 hours of driving we were in dried out Wyoming.

I will tell you about the rest of the trip later.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Remembering William

This week end we went down to Cheyenne to to spend memorial day with my in laws.
While we were there we took the 20 minute drive out to visit Williams grave. 
It has been a little over a year for Dale and I but 6 years for my children.
This was the family picture we took the last time we were there.

Here we are now the minus the two older girls.
It was super windy I really thought we were going to blown away.

We all put roses from Grandpa Wilderness garden on Williams grave.

Ben and Maddie spent some time talking to William.
I captured this sweet moment when Ben was telling William about his cool rock and stick collection.
I always love vising Williams grave but I am not going to lie it kills me every time I see the dates on his grave stone. 
As always I wish William would have had more time on earth even tho his time was short I am eternally great full for those amazing 17 days we had with him.
We love and miss you William 

Friday, May 25, 2012

No more girls in Elementary school.

Let me start off by saying there was a lot of unexpected tears shed last night.
Madeline Graduated from elementary school.
Madeline is my 6th child and last girl.
We thought for 3 years she would be our last child she and I have a very special bond and I love her so very much.
Madeline is also named after my beloved grandmother and I see so much of her in my Maddie Cat.

That being said we are very proud of our Madeline she made it through elementary and will be in middle school next year were I have no doubt she will rock the halls.

They had a short ceremony last night for all the 5th graders 
I was a little disappointed because they did not have the kids turn around after they got their certificate they just kinda rushed the through.
Other than that it was sweet, fun and short.

Maddie is excited to have her Dad there to watch her graduate he rarely gets to go to these things unless they are at night so she was relived when she saw him walk into the gym.
Afterwards we took her out for a bite to eat she loved all the two on one time.

I think her favorite part of the day was riding home with Daddy in his silly little beat up sports car.

We love you Madeline and are glad you are our little girl.

On a side note next year Benny boy will be my only kid in elementary school how can this be time sure has flown by fast.

The shotput king!!

Garrett is our all star when it comes to sports he plays everyone he can and excels in all of them.

This was his first year in Track as his coach said he rules the track.
In track you can only do 4 advents if it was up to coach Garrett would be in all of them.
This year Garrett Ran the 4x 4 relay and the 400 every meet but one he won the reason he did not win the one time was because he pulled his hamstring half way through the race but came in second only 1 second behind the winner.

He also jumps the running long jump 16 ' 4'' was his best jump this year beating school records.
The most amazing advent he participates in is the sho put.
I say amazing because he is amazing at the shotput. I don't just say this out of momma pride but because the scores and numbers speak for them self's.

When throws the shot put it takes my breath away he has  the perfect stance and he can throw that thing so far.
Just to give you some understanding the ball weighs 12 lbs they have this circle the stand in they have the ball up to there shoulder  next to there chin and  then they throw it .
At his first track meet was the first time I ever have seen Garrett throw the shotput  there was a bunch of us parents standing around and when it was Garretts turn you should have heard the whispers They went something like this.
Is that kid a 7th grader?
That kid must be on steroids do they test for that steroids at this age.
That kids a Goliath.
That kid must have been held back a few times.
He is defiantly a ringer.

I kinda chuckled and held my tong.

Then Garret threw the shotput at an amazing 33 feet 10 feet more than any other 7 th grader threw and further than any 8th grader.
 You should have heard the mummbeling then.
Dang that kid is amazing.
That kid has talent.
That kid could go to the Olympics one day.
That kid is strong.
My favorite from a 5 year old " I want to be like that kid when I get big Daddy. The Dad replied me too.

I just said Great job Garret and they all looked at me and said are you his mom.
I was in flip flops so I was super short that day.
I smiled and said yep and by the way Its all the Alaska sunshine he had growing up that made him that big and that strong.
I have to to say I love being the mom of a track star.

After playing every sport but football this year Garret defiantly loves Track the most.

Hes begging to play lacrosse and rugby so we will see is we will add those to his many sports he plays.
I on the other hand will stick to the sport of shopping thats the one sport I totting rock at.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Trailer Trash Diva!!

I found this fun little gem and could not stop laughing. 
I really cant believe I dressed up like this.
I look like a drag queen.

7 years a go when I was pregnant with William this is what I wore for Halloween. 
I was a Trailer Trash Diva my 34 week pregnant belly was so very cute.

This is blurry but oh so cute.
My friend Tracy's little girl Nora new it was my voice she kept pointing at me because she was not sure who I was but she thought I looked supper funny she kept coming up to me and laughing.


I was talking with Dale last night about all our many blessing we have had of lately. Someday I just want to pinch my self to make sure this is all real.
I could not help but think about how life was for us just one year ago.
A year ago today I was setting in the V-ho with a bunch of my good girlfriends from Alaska having one last pie night before I moved. (we called it pie night but I don't think we ever ordered pie the whole 5 years we had pie night.)

Tracy and Roxy

Nancy and Val

Sandy and Rebecca

Tami and I

I love these girls and miss them tons.

I remember how scared I was to make this move there was so many unknowns.
We did not sell our house but rented it out we did not have a job or a place to live in Colorado.
All we new was that Colorado Springs was where we needed to be.
We literary moved with blind faith.
The day before we left we ran into our Bishop in the parking lot of Walmart he gave us the best advise with out even knowing it.
He said all you need to do is do it move to Colorado and when you get there make the next move find a place to live the next step is to find a job.
It sounds like simple advice but it was what we needed at the time.
We needed to quit worrying about the whole picture and take it step by step.

I am not going to say that these steps were easy because if you read my moving story you will know it was the move from Hell.

We did find a house to rent and loved where we were and the amazing church family we had.

The hardest step was finding a job in a bad economy, there was much stress in this step.
Dale eventually found a job at first it was not what he wanted but that job led him to the current job he has now a job that he loves.

I really am shocked some days how blessed we have been.
I know it is through the mercy and love of a father in Heaven who hears and answers our prayers.
I know that when we pour our hearts out to the Lord he hears us and knows our needs.
I also know that our prayers are not always answered the way we want then to be or in our time but he dose answer our prayers they way he see fits and they way that helps us learn and grow.

I am so great full for my life and for the wonderful family I have to share it with.
As I say often I am such a lucky girl.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Catch up part 3 My new house!

Ta-da my new house!  You gotta love the landscaping. 
2 weeks ago yesterday we moved into our new house and we love it!!
No landscaping yet we are waiting for it to be approved by the HOA..
I cant wait until our land scarper can work his magic .
By the way he is super cute I think I have a wee bit of a crush on him his name is Valentin from Transylvania yes he is tall dark and handsome like Dracula.
So do want to see some more pix of me home? Or hear me go on and on about Draula/

Ok pictures win.

Here is a close up of my front door.
I love the way it looks.

The Traditional look of the home is what sold me on it .
Every one else seems to be buying stucco but we went out side the box and went with wood.

I love the way this looks as well I think its a fun detail.

So here is the entry I love the stairs and the hardwoods. 

Here is the view from upstairs.

This is the family room off the kitchen.
I have to say this is one of my favorite rooms in the house.

This is my kitchen and I love love love it!

Here is another view oh ya did I tell yet how much I love my kitchen.

So there you go there is a little peek of my house.
I will show you all the rest of the house later.
There is much decorating needing to be done.
So what do you think so far?

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Catch up #2 Prom 2012 Mylissa and Jack

A little over a week ago Mylissa went to prom.
She looked stunning and the best part was she new it.
I loved her reaction when she was all dressed up.
She made me smile when she said Mom I look and feel like a princess.
Every girl should have a moment like this.

My favorite part of the night was when her date saw her walking down the stairs.
Jack sighed and said Mylissa you look so pretty the only way I could describe it is it was like something out of a Disney move.
It was also sweet the way he could not keep his eyes off her.
They had me take a ton of pictures of them and I was happy to do it.
We went down to the fountain in our neighbor hood and snapped away.

This was my favorite picture of the night Mylissa looks perfect.

This one made me laugh.

This one looks like an add.

This one is fun to.

Mylissa in the fountain.

Oh yeah the beautiful dress was bought at Ross for 20 dollars right before school started when we saw it we fell in love and new it was the perfect dress for her and it was.

Catch up part 1 Wicked!!

The last week end in April I went with Dale to go and see Wicked one of my favorite plays ever.
Dale went begrudgingly he thought the tickets cost too much and was in a grumpy mood . He could not understand my excitement.
I have been to many big and little productions I grew up seeing musicals and plays and love the theater Dale has gone to none.
He did go to a small production of the nutcracker with me and he loved it.
I went to Wicked in Denver two and a half years a go with my sister and her best friend so i new it would be good.

The day finally came we had bought the ticket 2 months prior so I was so excited planed what I was wearing and then changed my mind a hundred times.
I thought a simple black dress pearls and a fun jacked would do the trick.
Dale wore business dress I have no pix of him because we kept for getting.

We went to Denver got the best parking space went down the street from the theater and ate Indian food for the first time. 
I loved it!!
Then the time was to come for the show to start.
We got in to the theater and the usher showed us to our seat and we were sure it was wrong.
We were all by our self's in the handi caped seating we were bummed at first but then as time went on we loved where we were seated it was like having privet boxed seats. The was advantage of these seats were close to the door witch made a big differences when intermission hit and I was first to the bathroom..

We were center row and could see every thing.
Once the curtains went down and the show started I felt like a little girl again.
I was on the edge of my seat the whole time.
I kept glancing over at Dale and he looked like he was having a good time.
When intermition hit I asked Dale what he thought and he said he loved it,he kissed me and said thank you for making me go.
I was happy that he loved it and I think I created a theater monster he has been looking around for more plays to watch.

I loved this sign that was next to the theater enjoy your "Wicked" evening and we did!